What are the effects of global warming in simple words?

What are the effects of global warming in simple words?

Global warming boosts the probability of extreme weather events such as heat waves where the daily maximum temperature exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5 C (9 F) for more than five consecutive days. In the last 3040 years, heat waves with high humidity have become more frequent and severe.

Why is global warming a serious problem?

Climate change is breeding storms with heavier rainfall, flooding farms — such as this one, which grows cotton. A warmer world — even by a half-degree Celsius — has more evaporation, leading to more water in the atmosphere. Such changing conditions put our agriculture, health, water supply and more at risk.

What are the effects of global warming on the environment?

Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves.

How many animals are extinct because of global warming?

U.N. report: 1 million species of animals and plants face extinction due to climate change and human activity – CBS News.

What plants are affected by global warming?

These changes may stimulate growth in certain crops, trees, and weeds—at least under moderate temperature increases as the climate warms. Some potent allergens and noxious plants, such as poison ivy—to which roughly 80 percent of people are allergic—seem to especially thrive in warm and CO2-rich conditions.

How many species have gone extinct due to global warming?

Climate change is accelerating the sixth extinction World biodiversity has declined alarmingly in half a century: more than 25,000 species, almost a third of those known, are in danger of disappearing.

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