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What are some weird pet peeves?

What are some weird pet peeves?

The 60 Worst Pet Peeves Practically Everyone Finds Annoying

  • Asking questions during a movie.
  • Non-apology apologies.
  • Redundant hashtagging.
  • People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom.
  • Spoilers (and people who get upset about spoilers)
  • Guys who bring their guitar to a party.
  • Aggressive interrupters.

What are the top 10 pet peeves?

60 Pet Peeves That Annoy People

  • Micro-Management. Most people don’t like it being insinuated that they can’t do their work well.
  • Loud Chewing Or Drinking.
  • Being Late.
  • Interrupting.
  • Talking During A Movie.
  • People Who Walk Slow.
  • Staring At Someone’s Phone.
  • Clipping Your Nails In Public.

What is the weirdest pet peeve?

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  • “I hate eating fuzzy fruits like chikoo, peach, and kiwi, because the fuzzy skin bothers me to no end and makes my teeth clench.”
  • “People who wear slippers that are either too big or too small for their feet.”
  • “Can’t eat a Papaya because the inside of it makes me shudder.”

What are the top 5 biggest pet peeves?


  • GERMS.
  • MYSELF…!!

What is the biggest pet peeve?

The 70 Worst Pet Peeves Practically Everyone Finds Annoying

  1. People who have to one-up every story.
  2. Sidewalk hogs.
  3. Delivery food that spills in the bag.
  4. Trying to find things in someone else’s kitchen.
  5. Crowding the airport gate.
  6. Spitting on the sidewalk.
  7. Having a big job dropped in your lap at the end of the day (or week)

What are people biggest pet peeve?

Loud noises, people interrupting you, leaving the lights on, and overuse of phones are just a few of our most common pet peeves.

What is the number one pet peeve?

1) People chewing More than any other pet peeve, this one seems to be the number one most common of them all. For whatever reason, our brains are just wired to loathe the sound of someone slopping food into their mouths and chewing it like a cow chews the cud. It’s disgusting.

What are your pet peeves in a relationship?

The 50 Worst Pet Peeves That Grind on Relationships

  1. Being Utterly Unreliable.
  2. Constantly Comparing Your Relationship to Others.
  3. Being Unresponsive.
  4. Staying Too Friendly With Exes.
  5. Resorting to The Silent Treatment.
  6. Not Being Considerate about the Small Things.
  7. Saying “I’m Fine” When You’re Actually Not.

What are your pet peeves answer?

How to Answer “What Are Your Pet Peeves?” One way to answer this question is to focus on a pet peeve that is unrelated to the job (for example, your pet peeve might be people who do not use their blinkers when they drive). This kind of answer will keep you from saying something negative that is related to the job.

What is the number 1 pet peeve?

1. Loud Eating/Drinking. Loud eating or drinking is a pet peeve of tons of people and it comes in all shapes and sizes. Some people actually just chew loudly and that can drive a person mad.

What is the most annoying thing in a relationship?

These are the most annoying things you can do in a relationship

  • Spoiling a film plot without ever having seen it before.
  • Not rinsing your cereal bowl.
  • Leaving your wet towel on the bed.
  • Excessively rewinding live TV.
  • Being indecisive.
  • Leaving your dirty socks in the bed.
  • Repeating yourself unclearly.
  • Interrupting.

What are some women’s pet peeves?

9 Pet Peeves Women Have, Thanks To Sexism

  • When the waiter hands the bar menu to the man on the table.
  • Mansplaining during meetings by male colleagues.
  • If a woman is with a male, people talk only looking at the man.
  • Assuming a woman will never drink whiskey.
  • When women don’t put on makeup, and everyone calls them ‘tired’

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