What are four grids of Ansoff Matrix?

What are four grids of Ansoff Matrix?

In the paper he proposed that product marketing strategy was a joint work of four growth areas: market penetration, market development, product development, and diversification. When displayed visually, these four areas create the Ansoff Growth Matrix.

What are the 4 marketing expansion grid?

The Product Market Expansion Grid offers four main suggested strategies: Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development, and Diversification.

What is expansion grid?

The Ansoff Matrix, also called the Product/Market Expansion Grid, is a tool used by firms to analyze and plan their strategies for growth. Often referred to as G, the sustainable growth rate can be calculated by multiplying a company’s earnings retention rate by its return on equity.

How do you use Ansoff’s growth matrix?

To use the Matrix, plot your options into the appropriate quadrant. Next, look at the risks associated with each one, and develop a contingency plan to address the ones that will most likely affect you. This will help you make informed and effective strategic marketing decisions for your organization.

Why is the Ansoff Matrix important?

Ansoff Matrix is an important marketing strategy which helps companies decide what action can be taken based on the market scenario and the product scenarios currently present. Based on these marketing parameters, Ansoff matrix helps companies evaluate and formulate a strategy for the future business growth.

Why is Ansoff Matrix best used?

The Ansoff Matrix is used to plan the company’s possible options and the respective risk it entails in order to address the most obvious uncertainties – ultimately it allows you to make the best decision for your corporation.

Why is Ansoff Matrix important?

What is Ansoff Matrix Slideshare?

Ansoff’s Matrix is a classic model of marketing and business strategy that business students can use very effectively in their exams. This revision presentation outlines the key features of the model.

Why is the Ansoff Matrix useful?

Where and why is Ansoff Matrix best used?

Since the market is one of the two variables that comprise the Ansoff Matrix, the tool has been commonly defined as a marketing planning tool. However, it is mainly used on a corporate strategy level, rather than within the marketing department of a business.

What are the disadvantages of Ansoff Matrix?


  • Fails to show that market development and diversification strategies require a change to every day running of the business.
  • Only a theoretical model.
  • Does not take into account the activities of external competitors.
  • Paralysis by analysis.
  • Plans too optimistic e.g. transferrable skills.

Where is Ansoff Matrix best used?

Why is the Ansoff Matrix a supportive grid?

This is very supportive grid because, it reveals the variation among product development, market development and drifting into completely new market. So, it is very essential to take careful decision while selecting growth strategies, specially if a firm selects the strategies mentioned in the third highlighted box.

When did Igor Ansoff create the growth grid?

Russian mathematician Igor Ansoff designed the growth grid way back in 1957, although it is still relevant for all product managers today. It is used to help product management decide on the best approach to expansion by considering the risk of each. Ansoff came up with four possible outcomes:

Which is the safest quadrant in the Ansoff Matrix?

Market penetration, in the lower left quadrant, is the safest of the four options. Here, you focus on expanding sales of your existing product in your existing market: you know the product works, and the market holds few surprises for you.

What does expanded market mean in Ansoff Matrix?

It includes “upgraded” goods among current and fresh ones like, changing the flavor of current pasta sauce instead of introducing soup) and “expanded” markets among current and fresh ones like, inauguration of another shop in another city or town, instead of selling online.

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