What are 2 synonyms for collaborate?

What are 2 synonyms for collaborate?

synonyms for collaborate

  • collude.
  • conspire.
  • cooperate.
  • hook up.
  • participate.
  • concert.
  • concur.
  • get together.

What is another name for collaborate?

What is another word for collaborate?

cooperate team up
concert conjoin
interface band together
cofunction come together
coproduce league

What is a synonym for come together?

Synonyms:assemble, close up, converge, bunch, cluster, huddle, clump together, besiege, crowd, cozy up.

What do you call a business relationship?

Noun. Professional relationship. employer-employee relationship. professional relationship.

What collaborators mean?

: a person who collaborates with another: such as. a : someone who works with another person or group With our students and collaborators, we have developed … a tool that couples a video camera with specialized computation.

What are the results of the crash 2 trial?

However, in CRASH-2, there were no differences in the rate of vascular occlusive events (1.7% vs. 2.0%). The results of CRASH-2 were concordant with those of the subsequent MATTERs trial (2012). Early administration of 1 gram of tranexamic acid to casualties expected to receive blood transfusions as soon as possible (class I, level B).

What was the crash 2 clinical randomization study?

The 2010 Clinical Randomization of an Antifibrinolytic in Significant Hemorrhage 2 (CRASH-2) was an international study of 20,207 trauma patients with or at risk of significant hemorrhage, defined based on hemodynamic instability. Patients were randomized to double-blind treatment with either tranexamic acid or matching placebo,…

Is the CRASH-2 trial underestimating the benefit of TXA?

On the other hand, there is a chance that CRASH-2 underestimates the benefit of TXA. Death due to bleeding only occurred in about 5% of the population, and this is the only disease specific mortality that TXA reduced.

When was the update to crash 2 published?

Translated abstracts available in: Chinese, Hindi, and Spanish. An update to the CRASH-2 content was published on March 24, 2011.

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