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Was Small Soldiers successful?

Was Small Soldiers successful?

Small Soldiers is a 1998 American science fiction action film directed by Joe Dante from a story by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. Released on July 10, 1998, in the United States, the film received mixed reviews, but was a commercial success, grossing $87.5 million on a $40 million budget.

Who dies in small Soldiers?


  • Troglokhan – Taken apart by the Commando Elite.
  • Nick Nitro – Mortally wounded by Alan with a garbage disposal.
  • Gwendy Doll – Thrown into a wall by Brad.
  • 4 Gwendy Dolls – Trampled by Brad.
  • Gwendy Doll – Thrown into a wall by Christy with a baton.
  • Gwendy Doll – Smashed by Christy with a baton.

Who produced small soldiers?

Michael Finnell
Colin WilsonPaul Deason
Small Soldiers/Producers

Who made toy soldiers?

Toy Soldiers (1991 film)

Toy Soldiers
Directed by Daniel Petrie Jr.
Written by David Koepp Daniel Petrie Jr.
Based on Toy Soldiers by William P Kennedy
Produced by Mario Kassar Mark Burg Chris Zarpas

What are the gorgonites names?


  • Archer.
  • Troglokhan/Freakenstein.
  • Insaniac.
  • Punch-It and Scratch-It.

Where did they film Small Soldiers?

Locations: Midwest Street, Warner Brothers Burbank Studios – 4000 Warner Boulevard, Burbank, California, USA (Church) Google Maps Co-ordinates: 34.148575, -118.335909 Greystone Park & Mansion – 905 Loma Vista Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA (Chilton Preparatory School) (Built in 1928 by P.

Who died in toy soldiers movie?

TOY SOLDIERS Movie (1991) – Clip – Joey is shot dead.

Who is the bad guy in toy soldiers?

Luis Cali
The main antagonist of the film was portrayed by Andrew Divoff, who has mentioned that his role as Luis Cali was his favourite role as a bad guy.

Can kids watch Small Soldiers?

‘Small Soldiers’ is a great kids’ action movie; it doesn’t patronise the audience and is enjoyable for adults to watch well. The commandos being so ruthless is what most parents may be concerned about and therefore it is unlikely to be appropriate for young kids.

Who is the director of the movie Small Soldiers?

Small Soldiers is a 1998 American science fiction film, directed by Joe Dante. It revolves around two adolescents who get caught in the middle of a war between two factions of sentient action figures, the Gorgonites and the Commando Elite. Despite mixed reviews, the film is also considered to be a cult film among fans.

Who are the main characters in Small Soldiers?

1 Frank Langella as Archer 2 Tommy Lee Jones as Chip Hazard 3 George Kennedy as Brick Bazooka 4 Jim Brown as Butch Meathook 5 Ernest Borgnine as Kip Killigan 6 Clint Walker as Nick Nitro 7 Bruce Dern as Link Static 8 Christopher Guest as Slamfist/Scratch-It 9 Michael McKean as Insaniac/Troglokhan 10 Harry Shearer as Punch-It

How many articles are there on Small Soldiers?

This wiki encourages Small Soldier fans alike or anyone else who is interested to help create or edit any article about the characters, storyline, elements and more. We currently have 5,817 edits to 75 articles and 690 images on this wiki.

Who is the leader of the Gorgonites Small Soldiers?

They were manufactured from a toy company called Heartland Playsystems that had been taken over by a military division named GloboTech Industries. Their leader is Archer . On each of their boxes were these words:

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