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Tips on How to Plan for a Perfect Bridal Shower

Tips on How to Plan for a Perfect Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is traditionally held primarily for the bride as she prepares herself for a new journey ahead. The celebration is for the female members of both the bride and the groom’s family and closest female friends. The party is filled with activities, from games to enjoying delicious dishes, and allows each one to mingle with the other in the spirit of friendship and fun. The focal point is when the bride is presented with gifts and opens them. It can be held in party houses to rent that can accommodate the number of participants in the shower.

If you plan a bridal shower for a friend or relative, here are some useful tips to help you out with the preparations.

Come up with the shower budget

Before you start with anything such as venue, theme, or dishes for the bridal shower, you need to come up with a specific budget to work with. It is the norm that the host handles the money necessary for the shower, so make sure that you come up with an amount that you can manage to spend. Remember that your determined budget will take care of every detail to have a successful shower, so be reasonable without overspending.

Set the date

It would be best if you start making your preparations about six months before the wedding day. A bridal shower is typically held two months or so before the wedding, and it would be a good idea to have the bride know when it will be held. This will help her determine her availability, as well the other guests.

Get your guest list ready

Involve the bride when you plan your guest list. She will be the best person to know who must be part of the shower. The people you invite should also be included as guests for the wedding, so make sure that the bride has cleared your guest list before sending out any invitations.

Come up with a theme

After your guest list is ready and invitations are prepared, you may want to come up with a unique theme for the shower. While this is not a must, it can still make the party so much more fun. You can adorn your venue with decorations that complement your theme, and have dishes appropriate for the theme you have decided on. Try to have a theme that holds a special significance for the bride to make it more meaningful.

Plan the menu

You can pick out dishes that are appropriate for the bridal shower theme. If you know the bride well, you know the kind of food she loves to eat. She will appreciate having the dishes she enjoys for her shower. Make sure that your beverages are perfect accompaniments to your chosen menu.

With the time you spend on preparations and your party’s organisation, the bride-to-be will surely appreciate the effort you put into coming up with a perfect bridal shower.

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