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Side Affects of Vaping

Side Affects of Vaping

Vaping Side Effects

Vaping is a multi-billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of slowing down.  While it may not be enough to topple the smoking industry, it is slowly chipping away at its base.  Unfortunately, vaping is a brand new technology comparatively, and many studies are still out on the health effects of using vapes versus smoking.  Now vaping has been proven to be healthier than smoking, but that does not mean it comes without side effects.  If you are considering it, here are the side effects to be aware of from vaping juice like Beard Vape Co.

Keep in mind, that like most things, side effects are not going to affect everyone equally.  In fact, you may switch over from smoking to vaping and never experience any of them.  When using any foreign substance such as Nicotine, there are always outliers and anomalies.  If you are experiencing something that is not listed here, that does not mean it is not brought on by your vaping.  This is not a comprehensive study and most of the jury is still out on the long term effects.

The first area  you may have some side effects are in the mouth itself.  You may develop dry mouth after you puff or get a sore jaw from inhaling.  You may experience tongue inflammation or even a discoloration of the tongue.  If you look in the mirror and see a black tongue, don’t be alarmed.  You may want to lay off the vape though.  If you are switching from smoking to vaping, the dry mouth may be commonplace already.

Another major complaint about side effects comes from the chest area.  If you are having difficulty breathing after vaping, please discontinue.  In fact, you may experience problems breathing, chest pains, or even the infamous popcorn lung, where it sounds like  you have water in your lungs.  You may also have coughing that coincides with these effects.  Again, these are not symptoms to joke around with and if you are having any of them, you may want to see medical attention and lose the vape.

Aside from the purely physical side effects, the increase, decrease or use of nicotine can also have some side effects.  These may be anything from a mild to significant headache or dizziness.  These may be temporary side effects when adjusting to the level of nicotine, but if they do not improve, please stop.  Other symptoms you may experience are sleepiness or sleeplessness.  While that one may seem contradictory, remember different people experience nicotine differently.

Overall, these are the most major symptoms you may encounter when starting vaping, whether switching from smoking or just starting.  This is not a comprehensive list and may not capture the long term effects either.  If you are experiencing adverse effects from starting vaping that worry you, then take a break for a few days and see if it alleviates.  If it persists, please check out medical attention.  Nicotine can be a dangerous drug and it should be treated as such.  Your safety and health should always come first.

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