MediaBox HD on iOS – Download / MediaBox HD App on iPhone/iPad

MediaBox HD on iOS – Download / MediaBox HD App on iPhone/iPad

If you are an avid viewer of movies, be it any genre and any region, then we are sure you are always on the hunt for a good movie app. While there is a myriad of movie apps, they are not free.

So, if you are looking for one of the best free movie apps, then you have got to try MovieBox HD. You can install the app on iPhone and iPad. You can install the app on iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12. Android users can also use this app.

MediaBox is not available on iOS app store and so it has to be installed differently. You can make use of various services such as BuilStore, Appvalley, and Signulous and install your movie app. In the following paragraphs, you will read about the method of installing MediaBox via AppValley, which is a third-party app store.

The following methods have been tested on a number of devices and the results evinced that it is absolutely safe. You may even not need to jailbreak your device. Before we move onto discussing the methods of installing MediaBox, you must give a quick glance to its features.

Features of MediaBox

You will fall in love with the robust features of this app. Let us take a look at some of the important ones:

First things first, the app is absolutely free to use, without any underlying costs.

The application has English as the default language. But the app is supported by different languages apart from English.

You do not require any membership or registration plan to watch movies.

If you love the movies of other regions or countries but don’t understand their language, then you can rely on the subtitles. The app supports subtitles in over 250 global languages.

If you are not able to find the subtitles, then you can request it on the app.

There is an option of download which enables offline watching of movies.

The application supports Chromecast. So, if you want to switch to a big screen of your PC or TV, you can do that as well.

Let us now look at some methods to install the MediaBox app

# MediaBox HD App Download on iOS without JailBreak

This is an easy one-click installation process to download MediaBox HD on your iOS devices. Follow the steps mentioned below and start watching the latest movies.

Go to the safari browser and access the following link:

Click on the iOS related option to begin the installation process

The installation will pop up on your screen

Click on the installation button and when the installation starts, get back to your home screen

Once the app is installed, start its launch. You are device will show an “Untrusted Developer” option. This is not something which will disallow the installation process and you can follow the steps given below to enable your device in launching the app

MediaBox HD on iOS – Download / MediaBox HD App on iPhone/iPad

Go to settings>>general

Search for the option of profile and device management

Choose the profile related to the MediaBox HD iOS app

Press “Trust”

Click once again on “Trust” and you are ready

Allay all the fears that your phone will be a bugger, hung, or hacked, as your device will not show any erroneous messages. It will run seamlessly without any glitches.

# Install MediaBox HD on iOS JailBroken devices

It is recommended to not jail break your device as it will cause a loss of device warranty. Those of you, who already have a jail broken device, you can use the steps described below:

Head to Cydia on your jail broken iOS device

Once Cydia loads, go under the “Services” category

On the top right corner, you will find the option of Edit, click on that

Click on Add and enter this repo-

Click on the button of add source and wait till the package is installed

When your download is complete, a “Return to Cydia” option will appear. Click on this option

Go under the head of “Services” again and scroll down to open dtathemes repo

Hit “All packages” and go to the packages under M

You will find MediaBox HD app here. Open this and Click “Install”

Once the app is installed, head to your home screen

Now you are ready to search your favorite movies. You can make all the preparations for beginning your movie spree!

# Download MediaBox HD App from AppValley

In this process, you will have to download a third-party app store known as AppValley and from where you can install MediaBox HD. Read the following steps:

The very first thing to do is- Download AppValley on your iOS device

Once AppValley is installed on your device, you are all set to install the MediaBox HD app

You can open AppValley and search for MediaBox HD app on it

Click on the “Get” and install the app

After the installation process is complete, and the option to trust the enterprise will pop up

Trusting is mentioned in the first method

MediaBox HD on iOS – Download / MediaBox HD App on iPhone/iPad

So, the drill to install MediaBox HD app using AppValley is pretty simple. This is one of the simplest methods which dispenses with the need of jailbreaking your device.

# Install MediaBox HD iOS app with CokernutX

This is another easy method of installing MediaBox HD. CokernutX app is akin to Tutuapp and AppValley. Just follow these steps and you are done.

Use the link- to install the app on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch

Launch the CokerNutX app on your iOS device

Search for the MediaBox app in the search box

Click on download option and head to your home screen again

Wait for the app to install

You will have to trust the app

Go to Settings >> Settings >> General >> Profiles or Profiles & Device Management.

Find the enterprise related to MediaBox app and trust it

Final Take

The best thing about MediaBox HD is that it is a free movie app for iOS users. If you are a movie buff and if installing apps has given you jitters about the safety of your device, then you can rest assured that the methods discussed above to install the app are 100 % safe. Follow them and you will get a horde of movies on your device in a few minutes.


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