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Major Sporting Events this summer including Euro 2020

Major Sporting Events this summer including Euro 2020

The summer of 2021 is set to be a huge one for sport, with so many different huge, global events all scheduled to take place.

Of course, there have been many that have had to wait an additional 12 months to take place, however that has only helped to further enhance the overall 2021 summer sporting schedule, as fans of football/soccer, tennis, golf and the Olympic Games will be treated to some of the best international sporting action possible over the next few months.

European Championships 2020

One of the competitions that has been pushed back by 12 months is the UEFA European Championships 2020. This tournament was already set to be rather special as it is the 50th edition, with a number of the best football nations from the continent all set to compete against each other to win one of the most prestigious prizes the sport has to offer.

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Whilst Portugal were crowned the last winners of the competition when they defeated France in extra time, they are not amongst the favorites to win again. England, who are likely to have some home-field advantage throughout the competition, are expected to be competing for honors, whilst Belgium, France and Germany are also favored as potential outside bets.

Nonetheless, fans will be in store for a treat when the competition takes place, as many have waited with anticipation to see the tournament happen in over a year.

Copa America 2021

Whilst Europe are set to hold their international tournament this summer, South America are also scheduled to have an international football tournament take place.

Followers of South American football will already know that the Copa America 2021 competition is scheduled to take place, although fans from other areas of the world will also be able to see some of the best football nations take place.

Naturally, all eyes will be on some of the biggest footballing names that Argentina and Brazil have as they both compete, whilst countries such as Colombia and Uruguay will be hoping that they can challenge for honors, as well.

It should be noted that Copa America 2021 – which was also postponed from last year – was supposed to include both Australia and Qatar, however the pair had to withdraw due to calendar commitments.

Olympic Games 2020

Whilst four years can sometimes be an awful long time for fans to wait, those that enjoy the Olympic Games have had to wait for five to see some of their favorite track & field events, and other classic disciplines.

With the 2016 Rio Olympic Games having been a huge success, many had already been waiting with a high level of anticipation for the 2020 Japan Olympic Games and finally, this summer they will be able to watch some of the world’s greatest athletes in action.

The 2020 Summer Olympics will last just over three weeks – July 23rd to August 8 – thus providing fans with plenty of opportunities to check out all the action that takes place in the first games to have taken place in Asia since China’s successful 2008 edition in Beijing.

Wimbledon 2021

Tennis fans will also be able to expect to see some great sporting action this summer, with the world-famous Wimbledon Tennis competition set to take place. Again, like so many others, many were disappointed that the 2020 version of the tournament had to be cancelled, therefore meaning fans will have had to wait patiently to see their favorite stars in action on the grass courts.

Of course, fans can expect to see the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic all take to center-court in the men’s game – with the Serbian heavily backed to win the overall tournament – whilst the female’s action will likely see Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka and Ashleigh Barty each compete for the title, with the Australian – who is currently ranked #1 – favored to win.

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