Is Volkl Cyclone a good string?

Is Volkl Cyclone a good string?

Like all strings, Volkl Cyclone loses tension and playability over time. While some of our playtesters noticed some loss in performance, everybody was satisfied with how long it lasted. Finding good control and spin for the entire test was Mark. He said, “I strung it low and have yet to break it after 12+ hours of use.

What kind of string is Volkl Cyclone?

Volkl Cyclone 16 Tennis String Set – Black

String Length 12.2m / 40ft
String Type Polyester
Package Set
String Benefit Control, Durability, Spin
Color Black

Is Volkl Cyclone soft?

The Volkl Cyclone Tour was soft, a nice characteristic for a polyester. The player with arm trouble would appreciate the soft yet powerful stringbed, though it is a muted power.

What is string gauge tennis?

Gauge refers to the thickness of the tennis string. Most strings on the market are between 15 gauge (the thickest) and 18 gauge (the thinnest). The thinner the string, the better it will play-you’ll get more “feel” and control because the string bites into the ball. The downside: Thin strings break more quickly.

Is Hyper-G durable?

I only tested the 16 gauge, but I’m going to hit the 18 gauge version to see if I can get some enhanced playability and enough durability for three weeks of hitting.” Although she ultimately had to cut Hyper-G out, Michelle gave Hyper-G an above average score for playability duration.

How do you pick a tennis string tension?

Which String Tension Should You Choose?

  1. Synthetic gut, natural gut or multifilament string: Start at the middle (or 2lbs above) of the recommended tension range that’s printed on your racquet.
  2. Polyester or kevlar: String 2 lbs below the middle of the recommended tension range that is printed on your racquet.

What gauge string do tennis pros use?

What Gauge String Do Tennis Pros Use?

Player Mains Crosses
Roger Federer Babolat VS 16 Luxilon ALU Rough 16L
Rafael Nadal Babolat RPM Blast 15L Babolat RPM Blast 15L
Novak Djokovic Babolat VS 16 Luxilon ALU Power 16L
Daniil Medvedev Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17 Tecnifibre ATP Razor Code 17

What kind of tennis string is Volkl cyclone?

Volkl Cyclone is another one of many tennis string manufacturers who are after the popularity of the RPM Blast from Babolat; the Volkl Cyclone should be consider as an alternative to the RPM strings. Volkl Cyclone 16 playtest The “gear” shaped string, states that it maintains tension and provides plenty of ball pocketing for extra spin.

Where does cyclone tennis string rank on value for money?

Typically with these reviews I try to focus on performance and not preface everything on cost but in this case it is worth pointing out that Cyclone often ranks #1 on peoples value for money list. This string would rate highly on my value for money list as well.

Which is better cyclone or RPM Blast string?

This string would rate highly on my value for money list as well. Cyclone is a great bargain string that may actually suite many players more than say RPM Blast or another “elite poly.” I’m not saying objectively Cyclone is better just that it’s playing characteristics would benefit a lot of 3.5-4.5 players more.

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