Is viscaria a good blade?

Is viscaria a good blade?

An amazing blade for mid distance loopers and the only ALC blade I play with now after being a long time equipment junkie. Great speed, control, consistency, power, and flex: this blade can do it all with no significant weaknesses.

Is Viscaria fast?

This blade is fast, doing exactly what one needs it to do when playing aggressively or away from the table – but this blade also has good feel and the ability to apply extra spin.

Is Viscaria flexible?

Flex similar to Viscaria – Viscaria is a high-stiffness blade, frequency of 1400-low 1500s, not very flexible.

What does the word viscaria mean?

Viscaria. In the language of flowers, the Viscaria flower literally means, “Will you dance with me?” and used to be given to women as an invitation to dance. This is a catchfly flower that blooms in beautiful shades of purple and gets its name from the sticky nature of its stems, which attract insects.

Is viscaria good for beginners?

Fast, spinny, and very good for backhand flick and backhand topspin attack. It is suited for counter attack style close to mid distance, but not for beginners. This review of the Butterfly Viscaria is based on it being my 3rd paddle after Stiga Allround Classic WRB and Stiga Evolution previously.

What’s the difference between a butterfly and a Viscaria blade?

The move that I made was from an offensive 7-ply carbon blade made by another company to the Butterfly Viscaria – which is also an offensive 7-ply carbon blade. The weight of the two blades was comparable (about 3 grams different), and the speed rating of the two blades was basically the same (about 1% different from a couple online sources).

Which is better Timo Boll or Butterfly Viscaria?

Compared Viscaria to my Timo Boll Spirit. Viscaria has slightly larger FL handle and was 3 gr. heavier. More direct feeling with a pinch more stiffness and power. Looping close to table sent the ball longer than TBS. so stroke adjustment is needed.

Is the Viscaria Arylate a non-pro blade?

Viscaria – A Non-Pro Review. Butterfly Viscaria Arylate Carbon blade. I recently had opportunity to switch over to a Butterfly Viscaria Arylate Carbon blade.

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