Is Trine 1 or 2 better?

Is Trine 1 or 2 better?

Trine 1: Combat is slower and each of the characters can fight (although the wizard can only draw planks and boxes to drop on enemies). Trine 2: Combat is much faster and the knight is most useful here. The thief is ok at range. The wizard can use magic to trap and pick up enemies now.

How many hours is Trine 2?

Trine 2 clocked in at eight hours for most players.

How many levels does Trine 2 have?

13 levels
Trine 2 is comprised of 13 levels filled with challenging puzzles, Enemies, and Bosses. This Walkthrough intends to guide players through the completion of every level throughout Trine 2’s single player and multiplayer.

Is Trine worth it on switch?

Score: 8.5/10. Buy Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince from the Nintendo Switch eShop here. Wrapping Up (To Bundle, or Not to Bundle?) Trine: Ultimate Collection is a lot of game to take in, but each of the games is beautiful, fun, and overall, a great gaming experience.

Does Trine have a story?

Luckily, and unlike the infamous men’s magazine, Trine 4 relies on much more than titillating gimmicks to make up for its lack of narrative drive: it’s got so much going for it, you’d be forgiven for ignoring the story entirely.

Which Trine game is the best?

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. Trine 4 is by FAR the best Trine game!

How long does it take to finish Trine?

Based on 626 User Ratings

Platform Polled Main
PC 967 6h 19m
PlayStation 3 15 6h 40m
PlayStation 4 18 6h 22m
PlayStation 5 1 4h

How many chapters are there in Trine?

In Trine there are 15 challenging Levels that can be discovered. The levels are chapters of a continuous story that gradually unfolds as each level is completed. The levels become increasingly more challenging as the game progresses.

How many chapters are in Trine?

The campaign is spread across five chapters, each introducing players to beautiful new locations as they progress. The first chapter eases you in by introducing you to the mechanics of each character, with the Wizard, Thief and Knight all offering their own unique abilities and attributes.

Are the Trine games any good?

The Trine: Ultimate Collection is great if you’re after a co-op puzzler – or four – with a ton of challenging, but fun, gameplay to be had. Without a doubt I’d highly recommend Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince because it’s almost faultless and the stunning world it transports you to is one that mustn’t be missed.

What comes with Trine Ultimate Collection?

Trine Ultimate Collection Switch by Modus

  • Includes all four titles in the series including trine enchanted Edition, trine 2: complete story, trine 3: the artifacts of power and the all new trine 4: the nightmare Prince.
  • Intuitive puzzles.
  • Dynamic real-time combat.
  • Boundary pushing graphics.

What makes Trine 2 Complete Story So Good?

Trine 2: Complete Story stands out for its audiovisual beauty, its graphics and its charismatic heroes. It is a fantasy story that lasts several hours and we can play it alone or in company. It offers even more fun if we want to complete additional challenges.

How many players can you play Trine 2 with?

In a matter of moments you might slash through some goblins as the knight, switch to the thief to grapple to a high platform, then switch to the wizard to move a heavy block in front of a flame thrower. Trine 2 is also very friendly about multiplayer gaming, allowing up to three players to join the adventure either locally or online.

What’s the weakest thing about Trine 2?

The weakest thing about Trine 2 is how broadly identical it is to the first game. The energy bar has gone, and there’s online co-op play, but Trine 2 amounts to a skill reset and a bunch of gorgeous new levels. The flexibility of the puzzles and the overlapping powers mean that often there’s no pure, one-way solution.

What kind of game is Trine based on?

Trine is a fairytale platforming adventure, based around a magical floating sconce that’s bound together the souls of a wizard, a knight and a thief.

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