Is Toby really dead in PLL?

Is Toby really dead in PLL?

Toby was the second A member to be revealed. Toby was supposed to die in Season 1, as in the books he committed suicide. In the book he only had a crush on Emily, in the show they are best friends. Toby’s death has been faked twice in the show.

Does Toby come back in Season 2?

Toby’s return to Rosewood brings a surprise reunion. The hunt for answers about what Ali knew leads Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer to a rundown doll hospital that holds more than just secrets.

What episode does Toby fake death?

Pretty Little Liars

Type Victim’s Name Episode
Symbolic/Fake death Charles DiLaurentis Prior to “Pilot” (Around 2004–05)
Fake death Alison DiLaurentis Prior to “Pilot” (Sept 1, 2009)
Fake death Toby Cavanaugh “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” (November 2011)
Fake death Mona Vanderwaal “Taking This One to the Grave” (Thanksgiving Day 2011)

Does Jason in PLL change actors?

Parker Bagley is American actor best known for portraying Jason DiLaurentis in the first season of Pretty Little Liars. He is later replaced by Drew Van Acker, because according to Marlene King, “[Van Acker] works more for where we’re going with that story.”

Who killed Ali in pretty little liars?

In Season 5, Alison’s killer is revealed to also be Big A. In “A is for Answers”, the person who tried to kill Alison and the person who buried her are two different people. Jessica DiLaurentis saw who hit Alison with a rock, and subsequently buried her daughter alive, believing she was dead.

Is Alison actually dead in pretty little liars?

One year after her disappearance, “Alison’s body” was found buried in the backyard of the DiLaurentis house, now inhabited by the St. Germain’s. The autopsy stated that she suffered a blow to the head and subsequently suffocated to death, with dirt being found in her lungs.

Who is Toby in the book Pretty Little Liars?

You may be looking for Toby Cavanaugh (Book Character). Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Toby Cavanaugh is a major supporting character on Pretty Little Liars. He is the older step-brother of Jenna Marshall, the son of the deceased Marion Cavanaugh and the widow of Yvonne Phillips.

Is the car crash on Pretty Little Liars real?

Adding this to a pile of clues that fans had already been compiling, including evidence that Spencer and Toby would be in car scenes together in the finale two episodes of Season 7A, and fans became really worried. Unfortunately it turns out at least some of the theories surrounding the car crash were in fact true.

Who is Toby in out of Sight Out of mind?

Later, Spencer reveals to the Liars that Toby is a member of the “A-Team”, and she has known about it for weeks. In Out of Sight, Out of Mind, Spencer follows Mona into the woods, where she finds a body on the ground surrounded by camping gear. The person is wearing a biker helmet and a leather jacket.

Why did Toby leave Rosewood in the season finale?

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes this season, Spencer then told Toby to leave Rosewood and build his house for Yvonne somewhere else. This led Toby to finally admit what we all kind of knew, that he was actually originally building the house for Spencer. In other words, since he couldn’t have Spencer he settled for Yvonne, basically.

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