Is there support for PS3?

Is there support for PS3?

Sony announced its reversal of the decision and intention to continue supporting PS3 and PS Vita on the PS Store on the PlayStation Twitter and blog on April 19, 2021. This followed its formal announcement at the end of March to shut off support of those platforms this coming Summer.

How do you ring PlayStation?


  1. Sony UK & Ireland PR Team. PR Team. E-mail.
  2. PlayStation UK Press Office. Press Office. Phone. E-mail.
  3. PlayStation UK Customer Support. Customer Support. E-mail.
  4. Xperia UK & Ireland PR Team. PR Team. E-mail.
  5. UK Customer Support. Customer Support. Phone.

Is PS3 online still up?

PS3 servers are staying online. Sony has not made any announcements regarding the closure of PlayStation 3 online multiplayer services. The company plans to discontinue the PSN Store on its legacy platforms, but that will not affect online multiplayer in PS3 games with active server support.

How do I contact Playstation by phone?

Support. Tel.: 1-800-345-7669.

Is PS3 still online 2021?

False. PlayStation will not be shutting down its servers or store for PS3. While they’d initially announced they would close their PS3 game store, the company later reversed the decision.

Is the PS3 store still up 2021?

“It’s clear that we made the wrong decision here. So today I’m happy to say that we will be keeping the PlayStation Store operational for PS3 and PS Vita devices. PSP commerce functionality will retire on July 2, 2021 as planned,” Jim Ryan President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said in a statement.

How Much Is a PS3 in 2021?

PS3 “Buy” Prices (What you can expect to pay as of 10/25/2021)

Model GameStop Amazon
PS3 Slim 120 GB $110 $124
PS3 Slim 160 GB $110 $185
PS3 Slim 250 GB $110 $150
PS3 Slim 320 GB $120 $137

What time does Sony customer service open?

9am – 5pm
We’re here to help you 9am – 5pm (AEST), Monday – Sunday.

How do I get my PS4 account unsuspended?

The only way you can get your account unbanned is to contact PlayStation customer service and plead your case.

How to contact PlayStation customer service for help?

Reach PlayStation Customer Support Via Social Media PlayStation has a dedicated customer support Twitter page (@AskPlayStation) where you can seek assistance on a wide range of issues including connectivity, product information, subscriptions, account settings, and much more.

Where can I get help with my PS3?

Our PlayStation Online Assistant can help you find the support you’re looking for. Need help with PS3? Our online self-service tools can help solve issues and track a request. Keep your PS3 up-to-date with the latest system software. A comprehensive guide to PlayStation®3 features and functions. Looking for PlayStation manuals?

What’s the phone number for PlayStation in Germany?

For instance, the PlayStation phone number for connectivity issues is 800-345-7669 (SONY). There is also a PlayStation phone number dedicated to German and European customers: +49 (0)6102 771 3001. Reach PlayStation Customer Support Via Social Media

When does PS3 system software update 4.88 come out?

PlayStation®3 System Software Update 4.88 An update to the PlayStation 3 system software was released on 06/01/21. In order to download PS3 system software version 4.88, you will need a minimum 200MB of free space on either the PS3 Hard Disk Drive (System Update) or on removable storage media (PC Update).

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