Is there any anime about gymnastics?

Is there any anime about gymnastics?

The Gymnastics Samurai (Japanese: 体操ザムライ, Hepburn: Taisō Zamurai) is a Japanese anime television series about gymnastics. The series was produced by MAPPA, written by Shigeru Murakoshi and directed by Hisatoshi Shimizu. The series aired from October to December 2020 on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block.

Where can I watch the new gymnastics anime?

In the new anime Backflip!!, a high schooler named Shotaro Futaba is similarly inspired to learn how to do backflips after watching the Ao high school team compete in a Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament. Called Bakuten!! in its original Japanese name, the show is currently streaming new episodes on Crunchyroll.

How many episodes does Taisou Zamurai have?

Story and characters had so much potential but the 11 ep run just caused the series to never really flesh out out what really needed to be there. This was a 24 ep character drama forced into 11 ep with the finale literally cutting into multiple character arcs without any clear resolution for 2 of the 3.

Is there a new gymnastics anime coming out?

Athletics and aesthetics collide in a dramatic new trailer and a fanciful key visual for Bakuten!!, an upcoming original TV anime about a high school student who falls in love with the world of rhythmic gymnastics after watching his school’s club compete.

Is there a dance anime?

So, let’s begin with the list of top 10 dancing anime.

  • . Brave Beats.
  • . Tribe Cool Crew.
  • . Wake Up, Girls!
  • . Hanayamata.
  • . Love Live! School Idol Project.
  • . The iDOLM@STER.
  • . Aikatsu Stars!
  • . IDOLiSH7.

Is there a water polo anime?

The series aired from July to October 2021 on TV Asahi’s NUMAnimation block….

Key visual
Genre Sports (water polo)
Created by Masafumi Nishida Bandai Namco Arts MAPPA
Anime television series

How many episodes will Gibiate have?


ジビエート (Jibiēto)
Licensed by Crunchyroll SEA Medialink
Original network Tokyo MX, AT-X, BS Fuji
Original run July 15, 2020 – September 30, 2020
Episodes 12

Who is Leo in gymnastic Samurai?

Leonardo Sturges
Leonardo Sturges (レオナルド・スタージェス, Reonarudo Sutājesu), known simply as Leonardo or Leo, is a character in Taiso Samurai. He is a self-proclaimed ninja who is living in the Aragaki household.

How many episodes will Bakuten have?

Following a similar formula as the one I mentioned above but with 24 episodes allowing the characters and story to be a bit more fleshed out. Personally one I prefer more to Bakuten!! in terms of overall quality.

Is there a ballet anime?

Princess Tutu (ballet)Ahiru (Duck) is a girl attending a dance school where she admires Mytho, a fellow ballet dancer. Junichi Sato ( Sailor Moon ) directed the series but replaced traditional magical girl attacks with ballet performances.

How many episodes are in Ballroom E youkoso?

Welcome to the Ballroom

ボールルームへようこそ (Bōrurūmu e Yōkoso)
Licensed by Anime Limited Ponycan USA
Original network MBS, Tokyo MX, BS11, Gunma TV
Original run July 8, 2017 – December 17, 2017
Episodes 24

What is water polo anime?

RE-MAIN will tell the story of Minato Kiyomizu, a former competitive water polo player who suffers an incident during middle school. Now a high schooler Minato decides to jump back in and try to fulfill his dream as a water polo player. With friends and his teammates supporting him, he is set for a memorable adventure.

What are the main themes of gymnastics anime?

Gymnastics is the focus of these anime. Training and competing in tournaments or championships are common themes in sports titles, as well as individual or team spirit, or being an underdog who goes against the odds to succeed. See all anime tags.

Is there an anime about a Judo Girl?

3. Yawara! A Fashionable Judo Girl (martial arts) Yawara is another anime show pushed as a tie-in to the Olympic Games, this time the Barcelona Olympics in 1992. Yawara Inokuma has a natural talent for martial arts, namely judo, but really has no interest in pursuing it.

Is there an anime about a female athlete?

The series was one of the first anime to target an older female demographic and its legacy was firmly cemented with spinoff manga and a live-action revival in 2005. The story follows Kozue Ayuhara, an aspiring high school athlete with big dreams.

Is there an anime about a tennis player?

Ace o Nerae! (tennis) With art akin to Dear Brother and Rose of Versailles, Ace o Nerae! ( Aim for the Ace!) is a tennis manga by Sumika Yamamoto from the 1970s that was adapted into an anime series by Osamu Dezaki.

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