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Is there a movie that tells the story of the Bible?

Is there a movie that tells the story of the Bible?

Ridley Scott took a stab at making a Biblical movie in 2014 with Exodus: Gods and Kings which, of course, details the story of Moses (played by Christian Bale) who led the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. The film was dedicated to Ridley’s brother, Tony Scott, who died about two years prior to its release.

Is the Jesus Film biblical?

Jesus (also known as The Jesus Film) is a 1979 American biblical drama film directed by Peter Sykes and John Krish, and produced by John Heyman. In Jesus, the life of Jesus Christ is depicted, primarily using the Gospel of Luke as the main basis for the story.

Are there any movies based on the Bible?

A movie telling the Biblical stories of the last of the Hebrew Patriarchs in the Book of Genesis. 22. VeggieTales: The Ballad of Little Joe (2003 Video) Error: please try again.

What’s the name of the movie God rests on the Seventh day?

God rests on the seventh day. Director: Kevin Connor | Stars: Eiran Baniel, Rolf Brin, Dina Doron, Yehuda Efroni 3. La biblia en pasta (1984) Error: please try again. 4. Adam and Eve (1912) Error: please try again. The man, Adam, not content to he alone, unto him was given a woman, Eve.

Who are the actors in the Book of Genesis?

Extravagant production of the first part of the book of Genesis. Its main highlights are the Garden of Eden, the first brothers, Noah and his family obeying God to build an ark for the Flood and Abraham’s attempted sacrifice of Isaac. Director: John Huston | Stars: Michael Parks, Ulla Bergryd, Richard Harris, John Huston

Who are the actors in the Bible movie Armegeddon?

The Biblical prophecy of Armegeddon begins when the Rapture instantly takes all believers in Christ from the Earth. A reporter left behind learns that the Anti-Christ will soon take power. Director: Vic Sarin | Stars: Kirk Cameron, Brad Johnson, Janaya Stephens, Clarence Gilyard Jr. 21.

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