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Is there a Bank of Cyprus in the UK?

Is there a Bank of Cyprus in the UK?

Founded in 1899, Bank Of Cyprus UK is a Cyprus bank with a total of 127 branches, mainly in Cyprus but with four in the United Kingdom. Part of the Cyprus 10 Index, the bank specialises in retail and business banking, providing a range of services including credit cards, mortgage loans, insurance and wealth management.

Which bank has the most UK branches?

The biggest banks who have 4,521 bank branches across the UK: Lloyds, which counts Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches among its figures, has a total of 1,567 branches across the country. NatWest has 833 branches, of which 46 are the last in their community, the data shows.

Who bought Bank of Cyprus UK?

Cynergy Capital Ltd.
2018 In July the bank sold its UK subsidiary for S£103 million to Cynergy Capital Ltd., to focus on its home market.

How many banks are there in Cyprus?

There are at present 56 authorised credit institutions in Cyprus, made up of 4 banks (with a fifth – Ancoria Bank Ltd – expected to be granted a licence shortly), 18 cooperative credit institutions, 4 subsidiaries of banks in EU member states and 3 in non-EU countries, 9 branches of banks in EU member states and 16 in …

Is Bank of Cyprus covered by FSCS?

Deposit protection and FSCS Yes. Established in the UK since 1955, Bank of Cyprus UK Limited is a UK bank authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Which is the safest bank in Cyprus?

Hellenic Bank
The Global Finance magazine named Hellenic Bank as the safest bank in Cyprus. According to the magazine, “Banks were selected through an evaluation of long-term credit ratings—from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch—and total assets of the 1000 largest banks worldwide”.

What is the largest bank in Cyprus?

Major Banks of Cyprus

Rank Name Total Assets
1 BANK OF CYPRUS PUBLIC COMPANY LTD 20,545.80 mln EUR (+1.55%)
2 Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd 15,856.88 mln EUR (-2.76%)
3 Eurobank Cyprus Ltd 6,821.22 mln EUR (+8.21%)
4 RCB Bank Ltd 4,900.07 mln EUR (+4.14%)

What was the second largest bank in Cyprus?

The interior of the Laiki Bank, Finchley, filled with boxes and cabinets after closure. Cyprus Popular Bank (from 2006 to 2011 known as Marfin Popular Bank) was the second largest banking group in Cyprus behind the Bank of Cyprus until it was ‘shuttered’ in March 2013 and split into two parts.

Is there a good and bad bank in Cyprus?

Laiki was split into a good and bad bank, the good bank (Cyprus operations) merged with Bank of Cyprus and the bad bank is in the process of being sold and finally shuttered. The board and CEO were replaced on 27 March.

When did Cyprus Popular Bank change its name?

2000 The Cyprus Popular Bank Group changed its name to Laiki Group. 2001 The Laiki Group established a subsidiary in Australia with five branches. 2005 The Group established Laiki Bank (Guernsey), and purchased Bank Centrobank in Serbia.

Is there a bank of Cyprus in Ukraine?

2008 BoC acquired 97% of the share capital of AvtoZAZBank in Ukraine, which operated through 26 branches and 18 seasonal cash offices located in Ukraine’s four main regions. The bank traded under the Bank of Cyprus name.

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