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Is Sivanna a good brand?

Is Sivanna a good brand?

Sivanna is one of my favorite brands when it comes to affordable cosmetics in India, and I own about nine products from this brand. Since I have personally used all of these products, I can give you an honest take on which ones are worth spending money on.

What lip colors are trending?

25 Lipstick Trends for Winter 2020-2021

  • Oxblood Red Lipstick. Dark lipstick shades are some of our favorites, but they’re tragically not suitable all year round.
  • Pumpkin Red Lipstick.
  • Fuchsia Lipstick.
  • Taupe Lipstick.
  • Violet Lipstick.
  • Metallic Lipstick.
  • No Lipstick, Lipstick.
  • Two-Toned Lipstick.

What is the longest lasting lip color?

16 Best Long-Lasting Lipsticks That Are Mask, Sweat, And Pizza-…

  • Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick.
  • Tom Ford Lip Lacquer Luxe.
  • Chanel Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour.
  • Stila Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick.
  • Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color.
  • The Lip Bar Vegan Liquid Matte Lipstick.

Is Sivanna colors cruelty free?

₹299.00 FREE Delivery….Enhance your purchase.

Brand Sivanna
Skin Type All
Material Feature Cruelty Free
Colour 5

Who is Sivanna?

Company Profile Hong Fa international Co.,Ltd was established in Thailand in 1994. We cooperated with SIVANNA, the cosmetic company from France, who wants to improve the market in Asia in the name of Hong Fa. We have made and improved our cosmetics products from SIVANNA’s customer base.

Are red lips still in 2021?

Red. Phillips says red will continue to be a popular lip color in spring 2021. “Lip color is something that makes a polished statement on virtual platforms, and this season [the] lips will help bring some brightness,” she tells Bustle.

What is the lipstick Colour for 2021?

18 Lipstick Colors You’ll Want To Wear All Summer Long

  • Intense Orange-Red. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour in First Light.
  • Punchy Pink. BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm in Happy Hour.
  • Fiery Fuchsia. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in Heartbreaker.
  • Bright Pink.
  • Soft Blush.
  • Classic Red.
  • Hot Red.
  • Coral Peach.

What’s the best stay on lipstick?

  • Best Overall: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. 4.7. View On Amazon View On Ulta View On
  • Best for All Skin Tones: Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint. 4.2.
  • Best Luxury: Armani Beauty Lip Maestro Liquid Matte Lipstick. 4.9.
  • Best Waterproof: Beauty Bakerie Matte Lip Whip. 4.5.

Is Sivanna vegan?

₹299.00 FREE Delivery….Enhance your purchase.

Brand Sivanna
Material Feature Cruelty Free
Colour 5

Is Sivanna cruelty free?

1-Click ordering is not available….Enhance your purchase.

Brand Sivanna
Skin Type All
Material Feature Cruelty Free
Colour 5

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