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Is Quad Lock safe?

Is Quad Lock safe?

VERY! Quad Lock is the most secure and strongest mounting system on the market. The Quad Lock system is designed with a Patented Dual Stage Locking mechanism which securely attached the case to the mount. When attaching the case you will hear the locking collar or lever “click” into place.

Is Quad Lock worth?

The Quad Lock is well made, secure, and offers lots of cross-discipline options. As simple as it is, it just works. Designed in Australia, it’s been on the market long enough to know it’s reputable.

Are Quad Lock cases drop proof?

It’s pretty obvious why the Quad Lock ecosystem has found such popularity. It really is a simple idea that’s done extremely well. All items are durable and replaceable, the mounts simply won’t drop your phone, and it is rather easy to use.

Is Quad Lock Australian?

Quad Lock makes products for people with an active lifestyle. Based in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve been making solutions for smartphone mounting since 2011.

Is Quad Lock waterproof?

Unfortunately no. Quad Lock cases are not waterproof, however using the Poncho will provide increased weather resistance as it provides better protection from light rain, dust and mud but it is not waterproof. Please use your discretion when using the Quad Lock in bad weather or muddy terrain.

Where does Quad Lock ship from?

Hong Kong warehouse
International orders ship from our Hong Kong warehouse. Shipments sent outside of Hong Kong are sold exclusive of Tax and may be subject to import duties and taxes, which may be levied once a shipment reaches your country. For details of Customs charges please consult your own Customs authority for rates.

Is Quad Lock good Reddit?

Yes. I’ve used Quadlock for years – works really well, stable and very secure, no particular issues with vibration. I added the vibration mount last year, just in case, and it’s excellent. Doesn’t wobble around, but has a range of damped movement on silicone rubber pegs.

Does Quad Lock work with Garmin?

Of course you’ll need to carry your smart phone with you during the ride but hey…that’s where the Quad Lock comes in! So if you weren’t sure if you should use a Garmin or you’re iPhone for tracking your rides… Now you can use both.

Who owns quadlock?

Quad Lock is owned by Annex Products and manufactures mounts that secure smartphones to bikes, motor bikes, cars and sports arm bands. The startup was founded by Rob Ward and Chris Peters in Melbourne in 2011 after Mr Peters first started using one of the original Apple iPhones shortly after its release.

Is Quad Lock compatible with Garmin?

What is the Quad Lock weather resistant poncho?

Made from a tough TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), the Quad Lock® Poncho is designed to keep your iPhone screen and ports safe from mud, dust and rain.

Is the Quad lock case water proof or submersible?

Unlike some of the more expensive phone cases on the market, the Quad Lock system isn’t designed to be a completely waterproof or submersible system. Rather, it comes with an open, polycarbonate case that features an almost flush, low-profile mounting face.

What are the reviews of the Quad lock?

Upgraded Reviews scanned the web to find out what real users are saying about Quad Lock. See the highlights below and decide for yourself! “The overall quality of the system. is impressive. ” “It gives very sleek look. ” “This system also offers a number of different mount options. ”

Which is better quad lock or tripod mount?

” “Though there are other tripod-mount cases on the market, the Quad Lock approach is appealing because of how quickly you can attach and remove the mount to a case you’ve already got on your phone. ” “In use the mount is secure and super solid, holding the phone tightly, without any concern of it bumping off.

How does the Quad lock bike mount work?

There are essentially three components to the Quad Lock bike mount system. The case, the mount, and the rubber bands. That’s it. The case attaches to your phone by simply snapping it in place (and it will snap).

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