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Is Milano a good radiator brand?

Is Milano a good radiator brand?

All Milano heating products are made to the very highest of standards. They combine impressive heat output and efficiency, with great durability and the latest designs. Milano are committed to providing affordable quality, and their reputation as a UK brand continues to go from strength to strength.

Are designer radiators worth it?

yes. That’s because even though, as a general rule of thumb, vertical designer radiators do not achieve the same heating performance of more traditional, horizontal radiators, if you do your homework and choose the right model, you can find a solution that not only looks great, but heats your room efficiently too.

Where are Milano radiators made?

Our Apollo Milano Flat Panel Radiators are probably the most stylish convector radiators available on the market. Designed and manufactured in Italy to the highest standards, they combine a simple minimalist elegance with a huge heat output.

Are designer radiators less efficient?

As a rule of thumb, no – a designer radiator typically won’t give out the same heat as a traditional or standard-style radiator.

Are NRG radiators good?

In summation, we categorically recommend NRG’s amazing line of designer oval column radiators. There’s a tonne of choices to fit any room, and you can get truly great heat production without spending a fortune. Moreover, NRG builds their products solidly with durable materials and triple-layered finishing.

Do designer radiators add value to a house?

Vertical designer radiators create an impressive focal point in any space with their stunning presence and striking build. However, they are also great for adding value to your property by saving valuable space. The more flexibility your property offers to potential buyers the better.

Who are Milano?

By leading trends and combining functionality, style & innovation, Milano is at the forefront of the UK bathroom & heating market. Milano’s ultimate desire and vision is to help customers to create distinctive and desirable homes by transforming bathroom interiors & reinvigorating home heating.

Do modern radiators get hot to touch?

When they’re working properly, radiators should be hot to the touch from top to bottom, left to right. But the radiator should still feel more or less the same temperature all over, as the heat loss should be uniform.

Are Stelrad the best radiators?

Europe’s favourite radiator manufacturer, Stelrad have been creating high-performing, high-quality radiators since 1936. Radiators have changed significantly since then, but Stelrad are still at the top of their game, combining impressive heat output with innovative design in all of their exceptional products.

What is the most efficient radiator design?

Aluminium Radiators – The Kings of Efficiency The obvious candidate for this kind of discussion is the aluminium radiator…and with good reason. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat which means, when used as a radiator material, it’s heats up to the desired room temperature very quickly.

Are there any cast iron radiators by Milano?

Amongst the most popular in the Milano heating collection, our traditional column and cast iron radiators evoke a feeling of a bygone era – adding authenticity to both modern & traditional homes alike.

Are there any designer radiators in the UK?

Meticulously crafted to enhance and complement a range of interiors, our contemporary designer radiator collection features some of the UK’s most popular and well-known designs. Developing high-quality, durable radiators, towel rails & bathroom products – Milano helps you to add a unique & long-lasting touch of authenticity to your home.

What makes a Milano column radiator so good?

Constructed from the highest quality materials and designed to stand the test of time, Milano traditional column radiators are built to last, providing years of warmth, comfort and style. Developing high-quality, durable radiators, towel rails & bathroom products – Milano helps you to add a unique & long-lasting touch of authenticity to your home.

What kind of material are designer radiators made of?

Every model in our extensive collection of designer radiators has been carefully crafted from the finest materials including carbon steel and lightweight aluminium to ensure optimum heat output.

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