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Is Lolo still working with Wazobia FM?

Is Lolo still working with Wazobia FM?

She became an On Air Personality for the first time when she joined Metro FM. She later joined Wazobia FM, then she left in 2019 after over 11 years with them.

How old is Lolo of Wazobia FM?

Wazobia FM’s show host of ”Oga Madam” Omotunde Adebowale David popular as Lolo1 is taking a bow after 12 years on radio. The award-winning 42-year-old presenter, who is eternally grateful for the opportunity given her, will be greatly missed by fans, friends and colleagues.

How old is Lolo1?

44 years (April 27, 1977)

How old is Adaku?

Adaku is 42 years old and she was born on April 27, 1977. She has been nominated for numerous awards and won the City People Music Award for female On Air Personality of the year.

What is Adaku’s name?

LoloJenifa’s Diary
Adaku/Played by

Ace actress, Omotunde Adebowale-David, famed for her role as Adaku in the popular sitcom, Jenifa’s Diary, produced by Funke Akindele-Bello, is still mourning her mother whom she is set to bury tomorrow.

What is a lolo in Nigeria?

Agbara nwanyi is man equivalent and is lolo to the Igbo. She is a lolo (revered one) as an embodiment of womanhood. A woman to the Igbo is a highly principled being. This does not by import mean that a woman is heartless but that women are firm-minded to principles.

How old is Funke Akindele?

45 years (August 24, 1976)
Funke Akindele/Age

What is the real name of Adaku in jenifa’s diary?

Adaku/Played by

Is Lolo aka Adaku dead?

Mother of media personality cum actress, Omotunde Adebowale-David aka Adaku, is dead. The death comes a few weeks after she took to social media to recount how she survived a terrible accident alongside her kids.

What is Lolo a nickname for?

LOLO. Lolo is just a name that sparks joy! This name, which is a variation of Lola and a nickname for Charlotte or Delores, is bubbly and fun. The best known Lolo is probably US Olympic sprinter and bobsledder Lolo Jones.

What is the meaning of wazobia?

Wazobia is made up of three words, each of which means ‘come’ in Yoruba (wa), Hausa (zo) and Igbo (bia), Nigeria’s three largest linguistics groups. It is a popular pidginized reference to Nigeria’s indigenous languages, clothing, foods, and culture in general, viewed as one indivisible whole.

How old is Toyin Tomato?

She was born on December 26, 1965, as one of the twins daughters of the Sobowale.

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