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Is it reminisce or reminiscence?

Is it reminisce or reminiscence?

Reminisce is a dreamy way of saying “remember the past.” If you’re swapping old stories with friends and remembering all the silly things you used to do, then you’re reminiscing. Reminiscing is all about happy recollections and thinking back to stories from the past.

How do you spell reminisce in past tense?

This is the British English definition of reminisce….reminisce ​Definitions and Synonyms.

present tense
past tense reminisced
past participle reminisced

What does Reminision mean?

Word forms: plural remissions. 1. variable noun. If someone who has had a serious disease such as cancer is in remission or if the disease is in remission, the disease has been controlled so that they are not as ill as they were. Brain scans have confirmed that the disease is in remission.

How do you pronounce Reminiscin?

Break ‘reminiscing’ down into sounds: [REM] + [I] + [NIS] + [ING] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.

Is Reminition a word?

verb (used without object), rem·i·nisced, rem·i·nisc·ing. to recall past experiences, events, etc.; indulge in reminiscence.

Is Reminiscion a word?

noun Remembrance; reminiscence.

How do you use reminisce?

Reminisce sentence example

  1. It’s fun to reminisce about the past.
  2. They reminisce about old times.
  3. I thought when all this was behind us, we could reminisce about it and maybe revel in all the good we managed to accomplish.
  4. It’s easier to reminisce on the good memories rather than the bad.

Is Reminision a word?

from The Century Dictionary. noun Remembrance; reminiscence.

What does Remissioning mean?

(reh-MIH-shun) A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In complete remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared, although cancer still may be in the body.

How do you spell Remoness?

Which is the correct spelling reminice or reminise?

The correct spelling: reminisce Definition: recall the past. Examples: The grandparents reminisced about their life. Back to Misspelled words index. Other users have misspelled reminisce as: reminice – 12.82%; reminise – 7.69%; reminiscee – 5.13%; rimenesce – 5.13% ; reminnesse – 2.56%

Is it better not to reminisce or recollect?

We noted that a common thread through people’s efforts to remember, recall, reminisce and recollect was an ability to look back to their past experiences. In the latter case, it may be better not to reminisce than to dwell on past unhappiness. Three ways of reminiscing in theory and practice.

What does the word re mean in English?

Reminisce is one of several English verbs starting with re- that mean “to bring an image or idea from the past into the mind.” Others in this group include remember, recall, remind, and recollect. Reminisce distinguishes itself from the others by implying a casual recalling of experiences long past, often with a sense of nostalgia.

How to use reminiscing as a basis for practice?

Reminiscing : the state of the art as a basis for practice. Developing narrative structure in parent-child reminiscing across the preschool years. Reminiscing with different children : relating maternal stylistic consistency and sibling similarity in talk about the past. Three ways of reminiscing in theory and practice.


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