Is it hard to get into engineering science UOFT?

Is it hard to get into engineering science UOFT?

Admission Average Admissions to each of the faculty’s 10 entry options is extremely competitive and the overall entrance average is increasing each year. As shown on the figure on the left, the entrance average for 2018 was 93.6%. Following this trend, the entrance average for 2019 seems to be around the 94% mark.

Do UOFT engineering students get reading week?

A&S Fall Reading Week. No Fall Term A&S courses offered. Fall Convocation ceremony for the conferring of the Bachelor of Applied Science & Engineering Science degrees. Visit for more details.

Is UOFT online for fall 2021?

Students in Arts & Science will be permitted to attend their classes online from September 9-23, 2021. The start date for the Fall Term remains unchanged and classes will begin on Thursday, September 9 as planned.

What month does University of Toronto start?

2021 Fall

Date Activity
September 9, 2021 Classes begin in F and Y courses
September 9, 2021 Last day to request November 2021 graduation
September 17, 2021 Waitlists for F and Y courses close at end of day
September 22, 2021 Last day to enrol in F and Y courses

Does UOFT CS look at grade 11 marks?

Recognizing that not all current Canadian high school applicants will be able to present results according to the usual timeline, U of T will make conditional offers of admission throughout the year on the basis of your available Grade 11 and 12 (or equivalent) marks; this assessment is possible provided your record …

What are F and Y courses UOFT?

In the Timetable a section code is associated with a course code to indicate when the course is offered: F = Fall Session, or first subsession of the Summer Session. e.g., HIS 321H1 F. Y = Fall and Winter sessions, or First and Second subsessions of the Summer Session, e.g., ANT100Y1 Y.

How long is winter break at UOFT?

University closed for Winter Holidays from December 22, 2021 to December 31, 2021 inclusive. University re-opens January 3, 2021. Winter (S&Y) classes resume for students on January 10, 2021.

Will U of A be in-person fall 2021?

The Fall 2021 course schedule is now available in Bear Tracks and indicates the location as ‘Main’ for in-person or ‘Online’. While we know there is much uncertainty around COVID-19 right now, as we look to Fall, we are carefully planning for a return to campus where the majority of courses will be offered in-person.

Is University of Toronto open in fall?

We are optimistically planning for in-person learning and on-campus activity for fall 2021, as permitted by public health guidelines. We will continue to follow public health guidance closely in order to protect the health and safety of all members of the University community.

How many students are in the Faculty of Applied Science and engineering?

Founded in 1873, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering community includes 5,280 undergraduate students, 2,636 graduate students, 266 professors, 361 staff and more than 50,000 alumni worldwide. Our graduates have pursued careers in all engineering fields throughout Canada and the world.

Where is the decanal office at University of Toronto?

The Faculty’s decanal offices are located in the Bahen Centre for Information Technology, University of Toronto, 44 St. George Street. Students seeking information about any aspect of study in the Faculty are encouraged to contact the Office of the Registrar. Every Engineering undergraduate is a member of the Engineering Society.

What to do on last day at U of T?

Last day waitlists are operational for F- and Y- term courses. Last day students can request transfers out of Engineering Science (first-year students). Last day students can register for PEY Co-op or ESIP. Last day U of T Engineering students can enrol in A&S courses with reserved seating.

When do F term exams take place at U of T?

F-term U of T Engineering exams (the Faculty will hold exams on Saturdays, Sundays and evenings during this period). Exams for courses offered by other Faculties may be held during other periods. F-term A & S exams and Y-term A & S midterms. Winter break: University closed.

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