Is I-10 scenic?

Is I-10 scenic?

Good thing, too, since I-10 takes you through some pretty awesome landscapes – the deserts of Southern California, Texas’s Hill Country, and the Florida Panhandle are all highlighted along the way.

Where is the stop on I-10 in Texas?

Here are just 15 of our favorite places.

  • El Paso: L&J Cafe. 3622 E Missouri Ave.
  • Fort Stockton: BienVenidos. 405 W Dickinson Blvd.
  • Junction: Lum’s Bar-B-Que. 2031 Main St.
  • Kerrville: Grape Juice. 623 Water St.
  • Comfort: High’s Cafe & Store.
  • Boerne: Bear Moon Bakery.
  • San Antonio: Garcia’s Mexican Food.
  • Luling: City Market.

Does I-10 go through mountains?

I-10 has no mountains to climb. It is relatively flat all the way. A bridge washed out due to a heavy storm in July, and only one lane in each direction is open whie the bridge is being repaired. So traffic may be slow in the area from Desert Center to Chiriaco Summit.

Where does I-10 start and stop?

This freeway is part of the originally planned network that was laid out in 1956, and its last section was completed in 1990. I-10 stretches from the Pacific Ocean at State Route 1 (SR 1, Pacific Coast Highway) in Santa Monica, California, to I-95 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Can you stay overnight in Texas rest areas?

Texas allows you to sleep in your vehicle at a rest area, and even offers you up to 24 hours to stay there. When staying at a rest area, picnic area, or travel information center, it’s best to minimize noise, don’t erect any tents or shelters, and try not to draw too much attention to yourself.

Where can I take a road trip too?

Top 10 Best Road Trip Destinations in the USA

  • Pacific Coast Highway – California.
  • Going-to-the-Sun Road – Montana.
  • Blue Ridge Parkway – Virginia.
  • Olympic Peninsula – Washington.
  • Brandywine Valley – Pennsylvania and Delaware.
  • Cape Cod – Massachusetts.
  • Historic Columbia River Highway – Oregon.
  • Red Rock Country – Arizona.

What to see on Interstate 10 in Texas?

The Alamo is a recognizable symbol of Texas. (Photo: DC Productions/Photodisc/Getty Images ) Driving Interstate 10 through the south central part of Texas will introduces visitors to a variety of Texas landscapes, from coastal beaches to the piney woods near Houston and the western hills and plateaus.

Where are the best small towns on Interstate 10?

1 Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Welcome to the “Crawfish Capital of the World”. 2 Ocean Springs, Mississippi. This town is in the middle of the three-state portion of Intestate 10 that was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. 3 Enterprise, Alabama. To find the best small town, one must be willing to drive a bit away from I-10. 4 Quincy, Florida.

Where is the longest stretch of Interstate 10 in Texas?

The longest stretch of Interstate 10 is in Texas because it runs nearly the full length of the state. It passes through three major cities – El Paso, San Antonio, then Houston. The geography from El Paso to San Antonio is referred to as the Texas Hill Country due to the rolling hills going on for miles in every direction.

Is the Interstate 10 road trip worth it?

An Interstate 10 road trip is definitely worth it! You’ll get to see varying landscapes and ways of life across the U.S. The Interstate can be traffic-heavy, as it’s a major trucking route. But the access it gives you to the southernmost states makes it one of our highly recommended road trips.

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