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Is Hipcamp a good company?

Is Hipcamp a good company?

Yes, Hipcamp HQ is a great place to work, and yes, we want to hire everyone that wants to work here, but then we wouldn’t have any money for bumper stickers or campouts! So we decided to make a meta-list of the most useful places to find job openings in the outdoors.

How many people work at Hipcamp?

45 employees
How many Employees does Hipcamp have? Hipcamp has 45 employees.

Is glassdoor a reliable job site?

Glassdoor salary information is self-reported and not verified, therefore some salaries are likely not correct. The better sources are the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Salary details on Glassdoor are more likely to be accurate for larger companies with many reviews versus smaller companies.

Is Hipcamp owned by Airbnb?

Alyssa Ravasio is the 32-year-old founder of Hipcamp, which is often described as the Airbnb of the outdoors. …

Can you make money with Hipcamp?

Our most active hosts make over $100,000 per year hosting campers, and our least active hosts make a few thousand per year. Our average active host makes $8,000 – $15,000 per year. It all depends on the number of listings you can offer, the location and characteristics of your land, and how active you want to be.

Where is Hipcamp based?

San Francisco, California

Type of site Outdoor/travel service
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
Founder(s) Alyssa Ravasio
Industry Travel, Leisure
Employees 47

Is Hipcamp legal?

Do I need a permit or other government permission to host campers? As part of our Host Standards, we expect that Hipcamp Hosts adhere to all regulations that apply to their hosting activity.

Can employers see your Glassdoor review?

Glassdoor is committed to providing a constructive platform for people to share their opinions about their jobs and companies anonymously – without fear of retaliation and intimidation. So, if someone asks us to tell them who wrote a review, we say no.

Whats better LinkedIn or Glassdoor?

Bottomline: LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer employers different benefits. While LinkedIn allows for highly targeted candidate searches and job ads across its incredibly large network of professionals, Glassdoor stands out with attractive employer branding solutions.

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