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Is Hackettstown High School a good school?

Is Hackettstown High School a good school?

Hackettstown High School is ranked #6,715 in the National Rankings….Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors National State
College Readiness Index Rank #7,203 (tie) #267
College Curriculum Breadth Index Rank #5,373 (tie) #224
Math and Reading Proficiency Rank #6,667 #152
Math and Reading Performance Rank #10,970 (tie) #250

Is Hackettstown NJ Safe?

Hackettstown’s overall rate of crime is sufficiently low that NeighborhoodScout’s analysis shows the town to be one of the safest in both New Jersey and the nation. Hackettstown’s crime rate is just 3 per 1,000 people, which means that a person’s chance of becoming a victim in Hackettstown is one in 302.

How many kids are in Hackettstown High School?

Hackettstown High School
Grades 9-12
Enrollment 836 (as of 2019–20)
Student to teacher ratio 12.0:1
Color(s) Orange and Black

What is Hackettstown NJ famous for?

Mountain Springs
Hackettstown is known for the famous Schooley’s Mountain Springs, which was for half a century the most fashionable watering hole in America. Here the wealth and fashionable citizenry of New York and Philadelphia were attracted every summer by the healthful mountain air, the mineral waters and the relaxed atmosphere.

Is Mansfield NJ Safe?

Diverse and Friendly neighbors, low crime And new businesses opening everyday. Mansfield is a small town with lots of farms. The school district is good. It’s very conservative, and as I black woman, I did not always feel safe at school or in surrounding areas.

Is Hackettstown a municipality?

The Town of Hackettstown operates under a mayor-council form of government that was created by a special charter adopted by the New Jersey Legislature and approved by the voters in 1970. The town is one of 11 municipalities (of the 565) statewide that operate under a special charter.

How big is Hackettstown NJ?

3.71 mi²

What county is Hackettstown NJ?

Warren County

When was Hackettstown hospital built?

February 23, 1973
On February 23, 1973, the doors of Hackettstown Community Hospital were opened to admit people to the long-dreamed-of 106-bed acute care facility.

How did Hackettstown New Jersey get its name?

Hackettstown is named from Samuel Hackett, the earliest and largest landowner of this region, who is said to have contributed liberally to the liquid refreshments on the christening of a new hotel, in order to secure the name which, before this, had been Helms’ Mills, or Musconetcong.

Is Mansfield NJ A good place to live?

Mansfield Township is in Burlington County and is one of the best places to live in New Jersey. Living in Mansfield Township offers residents a rural feel and most residents own their homes. Many retirees live in Mansfield Township and residents tend to have moderate political views.

Is Burlington Township NJ A good place to live?

Overall very liberal and great school systems. Very safe and some one of the best places to live in the Burlington County area. Burlington Township is a wonderful place to raise a family. It is a close knit community that is always there for each other.

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