Is dieffenbachia a good indoor plant?

Is dieffenbachia a good indoor plant?

Dieffenbachia is a tropical plant that grows well indoors in lots of indirect light. It can tolerate low light, but its growth will slow dramatically. Gardeners living in zones 11 and 12 can grow dieffenbachia outdoors in partial shade, where it makes a great landscape plant.

How do you care for a dieffenbachia Tiki?

Dieffenbachia maculta ‘Tiki’ Care Guide

  1. LightMedium. Part to full shade outside in morning sun; low to medium indirect light inside.
  2. WaterLow. Water the ivy when the top inch dries to the touch.
  3. HumidityMedium. Enjoys humidity.
  4. Temperature 60 to 80.
  5. Hardiness Zones10|11.
  6. FertilizingWeekly.
  7. Re-potting2 Years.
  8. CleaningMonthly.

What happens if you touch dieffenbachia?

Skin exposure can lead to rash, swelling, redness, and dermatitis (skin inflammation). Touching the sap and then touching your eye can lead to eye irritation, corneal abrasions, and, rarely, permanent eye damage.

Does dieffenbachia like sun or shade?

Dieffenbachia prefers diffused sunlight or partial shade, but will tolerate full shade, which is why it is well-suited as a houseplant. It thrives in temperatures between 60 and 75°F. Your dieffenbachia should be watered regularly, with soil being allowed to dry between waterings.E

Is dieffenbachia an air purifier?

Yes, houseplants like the dieffenbachia are scientifically proven air purifiers. Also known as the dumb cane, with its lush blue-green, chartreuse-gold variegated foliage the dieffenbachia is the perfect tropical shrub, décor element, and easy style quotient improver.Shah

How fast does dieffenbachia grow?

Dieffenbachia is a fast-growing plant that can achieve 2 feet in height within a year. How long can a dieffenbachia houseplant live? Dieffenbachia houseplants can live for years as long as you refresh them as their leaves die off and they are repotted every so often.Shah

Where do you put dieffenbachia?

Dieffenbachia is best grown as an indoor plant in bright, indirect sunlight. Plant it in fertile, well-drained potting soil with a high peat content. As a tropical plant, it will do best in high humidity. One way to provide this is to place the pot on a tray of pebbles that is kept wet.Shah

Does dieffenbachia like bright light?

Most dumb cane plants prefer a medium to bright light source. This means they shouldn’t be exposed to direct light, but will thrive 2-5′ away from a windowsill. You can get away with placing dieffenbachia in pretty low-light situations.

Is dieffenbachia toxic to birds?

Another plant poisonous to birds is the common house plant, Philodendron and/or Dieffenbachia (also known as “dumb cane”. Once ingested, Dieffenbachia can cause a painful burning of a bird’s tongue, as well as localized swelling of the tongue and crop, resulting in difficulty eating and breathing.

Should you mist dieffenbachia?

The plant loves humidity. Putting it in a bathroom will give you bath a great look and give it the humidity it likes. If you can’t do this, mist the leaves from time to time. The plant will grow easily from cuttings in a glass of water.M

What kind of soil do dieffenbachia like?

Soil and Fertilizer The dieffenbachia likes well-drained soil, so it’s best to add some sand or perlite to the mixture that you use. I prefer to use an African violet soil mix so that it drains with ease.

Is dieffenbachia good for health?

It Improves Indoor Air Quality You can reduce the harmful effects of these VOCs by having proper ventilation and growing air-purifying plants like a dumb cane in your home or office. This houseplant can reduce toxic compounds like xylene and toluene–one of the best dieffenbachia benefits.

What should I do with my Dieffenbachia plant?

Dieffenbachia plants are largely trouble-free, but like many indoor plants, they can be susceptible to spider mites. These can be treated with a horticultural oil. You will be able to tell a lot about your dieffenbachia by the state of its leaves.

How tall will a Dieffenbachia plant grow in a year?

However, the plants will rarely reach this size in typical indoor conditions, where 3 to 5 feet is more common. Dieffenbachia is a fast-growing plant that can achieve 2 feet in height within a year of planting a rooted cutting, provided it gets enough light.

Why is the Dieffenbachia plant called a dumbcane?

Dieffenbachia is an easy houseplant to grow and adds a lush, tropical look to the room. This plant’s common name is “dumbcane,” and for good reason: The sap of the plant can cause numbness when touched and interfere with the ability to speak if it gets near your mouth, causing you to temporarily become mute,…

What should the humidity level be for Dieffenbachia?

60-85℉ is best for Dieffenbachia. If the temperature drops below 50℉, the plant will stop growing. Dieffenbachia love moisture in the air; more is always better. The goal should be to have a 60 percent humidity level throughout the year.

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