Is Darkstar a good skateboard brand?

Is Darkstar a good skateboard brand?

How good are Darkstar Skateboards? The majority of skateboarders agree Darkstar is a pretty good brand which offers good quality decks and completes for amateur and intermediate-level skaters, from beginner to 1-2 years experience.

Are Walmart Darkstar Skateboards good?

However, most skaters found Darkstar skateboards sold at Walmart to be of low quality. Probably because most of the boards he sells at Walmart were those that weren’t doing well in other skate shops. However, they do have high-quality decks and completes.

Who makes Darkstar Skateboards?

Transom Capital Group
Dwindle Distribution

Industry Skateboarding
Founders Steve Rocco Rodney Mullen
Headquarters El Segundo, California , United States
Products Skateboards
Parent Transom Capital Group

How long is a kryptonics skateboard?

Protect your purchase

Brand Kryptonics
Deck Width 7.75 Inches
Material Maple
Deck Length 31 Inches
Color Flag Blue

Are Blind boards good?

Regarding Blind wheels, they are generally larger than comparable brands. They are quiet rolling, have a lot of rebound, and very good traction, which makes them great for skating tight corners but not so easy to break into slides.

Who distributes Black Label Skateboards?

Black Box Distribution was a skateboard distributor owned by professional skateboarder Jamie Thomas. Prior to October 2014, it served seven brands, three of which were owned by Thomas: Fallen Footwear, Mystery Skateboards, and Zero Skateboards….Black Box Distribution.

Industry Skateboarding
Owner Jamie Thomas

Who owns Superior skateboards?

the Dwindle Distribution family
Skate / Decks / Superior As a part of the Dwindle Distribution family, Superior Skateboards has proven a lot in the market of price affective skateboard decks.

What boards do pro skaters use?

Pro Model Skateboard Decks

  • 5Boro Herrick Phone Flickeroo Deck 8.375 x 32.
  • 5Boro McDonald Phone Flickeroo Deck 8.0 x 32.
  • 5Boro McDonald Phone Flickeroo Deck 8.5 x 32.
  • 5Boro Murray Phone Flickeroo Deck 7.75 x 31.5.
  • 5Boro Murray Phone Flickeroo Deck 8.25 x 32.
  • 5Boro Shinya Nohara Phone Flickeroo Deck 8.0 x 32.

What are kryptonics skateboards made of?

Kryptonics skateboards are a good, solid deck made with 9 plies of maple wood. This causes them to be slightly on the heavier side, making them harder to learn flip tricks. However, it will make you look even better when you upgrade to a pro deck.

What is a cruiser skateboard?

A cruiser skateboard is a specific type of board designed for cruising down streets, city environments, or basically any level pavement. Many cruiser boards have a kicktail, which is the part that curves up at the end on the back. Big, tough wheels compared to skateboards. Easy to transport.

Are there any wheels for Darkstar Skateboards?

Darkstar only really sells decks these days. They do have some wheels available, but it seems they have mostly left their wheel brand behind. They sell some soft goods like t-shirts and stickers too. On their Walmart brand decks, they have their trucks and wheels.

Who are the owners of Darkstar Skateboards?

Darkstar is another skateboard brand owned by Dwindle Distribution. These guys also own Almost skateboards, Enjoi, Tensor Trucks, Blind skateboards, and Dusters. They have their fingers in some of the biggest brands in the industry.

How much does a dwindle Darkstar skateboard cost?

Because of Dwindle’s single press policy, the deck will have a consistent pop and concave like other Darkstar decks. Though it is a premium deck, it costs slightly more than $50. This might be expensive for some beginners, especially if you have to buy wheels and trucks too.

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