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Is Avira good for iPhone?

Is Avira good for iPhone?

Download the free Avira Mobile Security app to use the features which come as standard with the best free antivirus for iPhone: The Call Blocker is part of the phone antivirus app and lets you easily create a blacklist of contacts that annoy or disturb you with unwanted calls or text messages.

What’s the best free antivirus for iPhone?

Best Free Antivirus Apps for iPhone & iPad

  1. Avira Mobile Security: Best for Extra Features.
  2. McAfee Mobile Security: Best Theft Protection.
  3. Phone Guardian: Best Network Protection.
  4. Lookout Personal for iOS: Best for Finding Lost iPhones.
  5. Avast Mobile Security for iOS: Most User-Friendly.

What is the best mobile security app for iPhone?

Best iPhone antivirus apps in 2021: top iOS security protection

  1. Avast Security & Privacy. The best iPhone antivirus app.
  2. Avira Mobile Security. Stay safe online with the German antivirus giant.
  3. Lookout Mobile Security.
  4. McAfee Mobile Security.
  5. Trend Micro Mobile Security.
  6. F-Secure SAFE.
  7. Fyde Barracuda CloudGen Access.

Can you scan iPhone for virus?

Yes, they can, but it’s highly unlikely. iOS is a closed ecosystem or sandbox, preventing viruses from spreading across your device or stealing data.

What do you need to know about Avira mobile security?

Avira Mobile Security protects your iPhone. Cybercriminals use a whole range of tricks to try to steal the personal data stored on your iPhone – or entered online via your iPhone. Targets include passwords, bank information, and contacts.

Is there a free Avira app for iOS?

Avira Free Mobile Security for iOS, now with free VPN. Security, privacy, performance, and just 1 free app to rule them all. Securely and privately connect to public WiFi at hotels, airports, and cafes. Our free VPN comes with a traffic limit of 100 MB/day.

Is the Avira Antivirus program worth the money?

Avira is a powerhouse of an antivirus program, offering real-time protection as well as an extreme number of extra features. However, it’s a bit pricey for the average user and it didn’t pass every test the security labs threw at it.

How many devices can you get with Avira?

For $30 more per year, this plan can be expanded to include up to 25 devices, making it a great choice for anyone with many devices that all need protection. However, for the price, five devices is pretty limited (check out AVG Antivirus for an example of a similar price with unlimited devices).


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