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Is aquasport boats still in business?

Is aquasport boats still in business?

Boatbuilding giant Genmar Holdings is suspending production of its Aquasport fishing boats for 2006, and the future is unclear for the brand, which has been in existence for four decades. “There have been people that haven’t owned anything but Aquasport [boats]. It’s like Kleenex when you’re talking about a boat.”

Who bought out Aquasport boats?

Limestone Boats said it completed its acquisition of Ebbtide Holdings, the manufacturer of the Aquasport and Boat Bay brands, the company said in a statement. The purchase includes $3.75 million in cash and $2.5 million of Limestone common shares on the Toronto Venture Exchange.

What happened to aquasport?

Aquasport was eventually taken over by Genmar in 1988 and the line was discontinued in light of the less costly Wellcraft models. There are still many Aquasports on the water today which is a testament to their ruggedness and durability.

Do they still make Ebbtide boats?

Boat building returns to White Bluff, former Ebbtide facility now Boca Bay Boats. Boats will again be manufactured in White Bluff. That’s the plan for the owners of Boca Bay Boats, who recently purchased the former Ebbtide facility on Jones Creek Road.

Where are aquasport pools made?

Buster Crabbe Aquasports pools and decks are made in New Jersey USA, by the owners and union workers. They buy steel from an American Steel Company. Most non-family employees working in the factory have been with the company for at least 15 years.

Did Ebbtide boats go out of business?

Ebbtide Boats was originally privately owned and run by Tommy Trabue, and in its heyday, employed more than 100 people. After more than 40 years in operation, Tommy Trabue sold the business to a Chinese-based company in 2012. However, the company went out of business a few years later.

What is a aquasport 52 pool?

The Aquasport 52 is an all aluminum pool, except for a few components like the resin caps. The aluminum top rails are manufactured with a bead channel built right in. Making this pool like an inground pool, you don’t have to disassemble any part of this pool to replace the liner.

Can you put steps in an above ground pool?

Install the ladder/steps when the pool is at least half full. An above ground pool liner isn’t completely set in place and secure until the pool is at least half filled. So, in order to avoid possible damage, wait before placing the steps inside the pool.

Is Ebbtide boats still in business?

History Of Ebbtide Boats After more than 40 years in operation, Tommy Trabue sold the business to a Chinese-based company in 2012. At the time, he thought it was the right decision to grow the company, and he stayed on as a consultant. However, the company went out of business a few years later.

Are Ebbtide boats still manufactured?

All boats will continue to be manufactured in Ebbtide’s recently upgraded 145,000 square foot facility in White Bluff, Tennessee.

Is the Aquasport 52 an above ground pool?

The Aquasport 52 is the perfect pool for anyone wanting the Best Above Ground Pool, On Ground Pool, Semi In Ground Pool or Fully In Ground Pool at an Affordable Price. The Aquasport 52 is Priced 50, 60, sometimes 70% less than a Traditional In Ground Pool but will last up to 30 – 40 Years Just like a Traditional In Ground Pool.

Are there any good boats made by aquasport?

Aquasport had a long history of building good solid boats. They were one of the first mass producers of the center console as we know them today and rumor is that the 19-6 hull was used to mold the Shamrock 20’s (identical lines). I own one now that I am restoring and have been on many over the years. They are good solid boats.

Can you self install an aquasport swimming pool?

Fact is most of you purchase a pool and dive right into the set up, and nearly 75% of all pools we sell are self installed. So the short answer is “yes you can.” To set your mind at ease we are going to discuss briefly what is involved in the installation process.

What are the buttresses on an aquasport pool?

All the Aquasport 52 Oval Pools have buttresses and straps, to support the long straight sides of the pool. You can see them in this partially built semi inground oval. You can also see the wide bottom track I was mentioning earlier.

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