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Is a walker mower worth the money?

Is a walker mower worth the money?

Walker mowers can handle tough jobs, rough terrain, hills, rocky areas and can maneuver around shrubs and gardens easily enough. Furthermore, they are quite durable and easy to maintain and they provide a comfortable ride and their grass-catch feature ensures a clean yard when you want only the best-looking lawn.

How many hours will a walker mower last?

For liquid-cooled engines, he uses 150 as the multiplier. Says Emmett, “If your Walker Mower is powered by 23-hp engine, it should go approximately 2,300 hours before the engine needs replacing. This is long before the machine’s lifecycle is up.

Where are Walker Mowers made?

Fort Collins, Colorado
Walker Manufacturing is an independent, family-owned manufacturing company. We build commercial riding lawn mowers at our 216,000 square foot factory just outside of Fort Collins, Colorado.

How low will a walker mower cut?

Walker Mowers offer superior traction and handling on slopes and hills due to their low centre of gravity. The operator generally sits 20-30 cm lower on a Walker Mower than on a typical mid-mount lawn tractor, and their weight is centrally positioned over the drive wheels offering peak traction at all times.

What engines do Walker mowers use?

This manual covers Model MBV with the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard (18.0 HP) gasoline engine and Model MBK with the Kohler Command CH18 (18.0 HP) gasoline engine. All shields and guards must be in place for the proper and safe operation of this machine.

Who makes Walker?

Walkers (snack foods)

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Who owns Walker Manufacturing?

Ryan Walker is the third generation to work in the family business that started in the late 1950s. Ryan’s uncle Bob is president of the company, and his father Dean is responsible for manufacturing.

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