How was World War 2 inevitable?

How was World War 2 inevitable?

World War II was inevitable because: The Great War wasn’t really finished. Germany and Austria were allowed to exist. Massive punishments on Germany and Austria caused suffering and resentment.

Was WWII avoidable?

Originally Answered: Was World War II preventable? Entirely. There were MANY opportunities for Britain and France to intervene before things reached the point they did.

Was the US involvement in ww2 inevitable?

Although in retrospect U.S. entry into World War II seems inevitable, in 1941 it was still the subject of great debate. Isolationism was a great political force, and many influential individuals were determined that U.S. aid policy stop short of war.

When did ww2 become inevitable?


What was the purpose of ww2?

The legacy of the war would include the spread of communism from the Soviet Union into eastern Europe as well as its eventual triumph in China, and the global shift in power from Europe to two rival superpowers–the United States and the Soviet Union–that would soon face off against each other in the Cold War.

What were we fighting for in World War 2?

World War II in Europe began when Hitler’s Nazi Germany attacked Poland. The countries that fought against Germany and the Axis Powers in Europe were called the Allied Powers. The main Allied Powers in Europe were Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and France. Later the United States would help in defeating Hitler.

Who sank Akagi?

The blazing carrier was abandoned and intentionally sunk by torpedoes launched from Japanese destroyers, Fuchida wrote. More than 250 men were lost. With a “terrific underwater explosion,” Akagi went down at 4:55 a.m., just before sunrise, on June 5, he wrote.

How did Akagi sink?

Best’s 1,000-pound bomb crashed through the flight deck and exploded in the upper hangar. After valiant efforts to evacuate the remaining Japanese sailors, the Akagi was ordered scuttled by torpedoes fired by her own destroyers. She sank bow first.

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