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How much powder should I use in a 50 cal muzzleloader?

How much powder should I use in a 50 cal muzzleloader?

An accurate rifle-bullet-powder combination will easily shoot 1-inch groups at 50 yards and 3-inch groups at 100. If groups are wider with the above loads, reduce powder charge by 5- to 10 grains.

How much powder do you put in a black powder rifle?

Sight in your rifle. Start with 100 grains of Black Powder and industry approved black powder substitutes, loose powder or pellets. If you don’t achieve the desired results, go up or down in 10 grain increments and try sighting again.

How many grains of Triple 7 pellets should I use?

100 grains will give you plenty of power. Hodgson Co. ,which makes Pyrodex and Triple 7 pellets, says you should not use more than 100 grains of either brand.

How far can a black powder rifle shoot?

For any ethical hunter, 200 yards is about the limit of ballistic and shooter performance for a modern muzzleloader.

How much gunpowder does it take to fire a musket?

Hope this helps. Actually 8 gauge ( 8 to the pound) was the standard calibre of the ‘full’ musket in the 16th Century as well as in the early 17th Century. The caliver & arquebus were generaly bored to fire 20 or 24 to the pound.

Does Walmart sell Pyrodex Pellets?

Hodgdon® Pyrodex® 50/50 Pellets offer a compact and consistent propellant for modern, inline muzzleloader rifles. One local Walmart has Pyrodex at $5/lb (other store is $6) and Triple 7 at $9/lb (the other store is at $11/lb)..

What is the best black powder for muzzle-loaders?

– True Black Powder. For many hunters, especially the traditionalists, true black powder is really the only thing they’ll consider using in a muzzleloader. – Black Powder Substitutes. – Pyrodex. – Hodgon’s Triple Se7en. – Blackhorn 209.

What are black powder pellets?

Black powder is an old propellant, formed from a blend of natural ingredients: sulfur, potassium nitrate, and charcoal. Classified as an explosive, few muzzleloaders use true black powder these days because of limited availability.

What is black gun powder?

Black powder is the traditional powder used in old firearms while gunpowder is the powder that is being used in modern firearms. Summary: 1.Gunpowder is a chemical mixture which undergoes a chemical change when heated or struck while black powder is traditional gunpowder used in the early days of firearms.

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