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How much is a savage 338 Lapua Magnum?

How much is a savage 338 Lapua Magnum?

Savage 110 BA 338 Lapua Law Enforcement Bolt Action Rifle. $2,638.00 $1,799.99. Brand: Savage. Item Number: 18900.

Is there a downside to the 338 Lapua?

The downside to the 338 Lapua is that it is based on the .416 Rigby case which has a larger case head diameter (.590″) than the standard magnum cases (.532″) and unfortunately, many of the commercial actions and bolts are not large enough to easily handle the larger case head diameter.

Why is the Savage Arms 110 BA modular?

That is where the Savage 110 BA comes in. Savage actions are built on a modular design, so instead of them having to make major modifications to a bolt design, they simply had to make a new bolt head and they were pretty much there. Of course some other details such as magazine design needed to be performed as well.

What kind of lug does Savage 110 use?

The easiest way, though probably not the best, is to remove your hand from the pistol grip. As mentioned before, the action is a standard Savage 110 long action using the standard recoil lug and barrel locking nut as all other Savage 10 and 110 rifles.

What kind of scope does lucid L5 have?

The Lucid L5 scope features 1/8MOA windage and elevation adjustments on lockable and re-zeroable tactical style turrets. It also has side parallax adjustment combined with an ocular diopter adjustment to provide a crisp target image over the entire magnification range.

How much does a lucid 50mm scope cost?

A Lucid L5 6x-24 50MM Rifle Scope can be found for $327. Yours Truly is no super sniper, military or law enforcement high-speed, low-drag, kind of guy, but I can consistently hit targets out to one mile with this set-up. This means you can too! And if you are a really disciplined shooter, your results should be phenomenal.

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