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How much is a movie ticket in Malaysia?

How much is a movie ticket in Malaysia?

Be aware of the pricing structure

Cinema GSC TGV
Weekday (before 12pm) RM11 RM10
Weekday (after 12pm) RM22 RM15
Wednesday RM11 to RM14 RM10 to RM12
Weekend (before 12pm) RM11 RM10

Is Cinema Open in Malaysia now?

“Cinemas in states that are in Phase One of the National Recovery Plan will be allowed to operate with 50% capacity beginning Thursday (Sept. 9, 2021) with only those people who have completed their COVID-19 vaccination allowed to enter the halls,” said government news agency Bernama.

How much Blackpink the movie ticket?

‘ As hectic as the past five years have been, all the memories, delights on the stage, and their shining moments have been wrapped ‘like a gift for all the fans’ in BLACKPINK THE MOVIE….Synopsis.

Blackpink The Movie
From 4 August
$18 $22 (Includes an A3 Poster. Poster will be placed on your cinema seat.)

Can couple sit together in cinema Malaysia?

CINEMA REOPENING ENHANCED OPERATING PROCEDURES Guests from the same family and residence are allowed to sit in pairs. If sitting in pairs, related documents must be produced as proof when requested.

What is the GSC?

Generic Sildenafil Citrate (drug) GSC. Gold/Silver/Crystal (Pokémon video game series)

How do you say movie in Malay?


  1. film :: filem.
  2. movie theater :: pawagam.
  3. flick ::

What countries is Blackpink in?

‘BLACKPINK The Movie’ was reportedly released 100 countries and 3,000 theatres on August 4. In Korea, it was available in various formats including ScreenX and 4DX besides the usual. The countries that recorded the highest footfalls were Mexico, United States, Turkey, Brazil, and Japan.

Can I eat in TGV?

For your journey onboard a TGV train A catering service* (4 or 14 cars) is available throughout your trip to enjoy a hot meal, sandwiches, salads or a children’s menu. Save time at the TGV bar by ordering your meal online from this page.

Does GSC have couple seat?

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Some halls are equipped with “twin seats”, ideal for couples, priced at RM12 per seat (this varies from cinema to cinema), or up to RM20 for 3D.

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