How much is a 10 foot aluminum boat worth?

How much is a 10 foot aluminum boat worth?

Here is a quick guide to the typical costs for some Lowe aluminum Jon boats based on size: 10 ft Jon boats can range in price from $700 to $800. 11 ft – 13 ft Jon boats usually cost from $850 to $1000. 13 ft – 14 ft Jon boats will typically cost between $1500 and $2,250.

How much does a 10 foot aluminum boat weight?

10 Foot Jon Boat Weight: Average weight of 130 pounds (59kg) which is based on an average hull weight of 95 pounds (43kg) and average 3hp engine weight of 35 pounds (16kg).

How wide is a 10 foot jon boat?

How wide is a 10-foot Jon boat? Around 48 inches on average. You would agree that as the numbers increase, the stability and weight capacity of the boat will also get the same touch. The 10-foot Jon boat is a typical entry-level format in this market.

Why are aluminum boats so popular?

Common production aluminum boats tend to be less expensive, sometimes significantly less expensive, than their fiberglass counterparts. Their lower weight means that aluminum boats are easier to launch and load at the boat ramp, easier to push on or off sandbars, and easier to trailer around with a small tow vehicle.

Which is stronger fiberglass or aluminum?

Kit Denison: Aluminum is stronger than fiberglass. There is also more flexibility where you want to put the weight in fiberglass. For instance, you could build lighter parts higher up. The heavier weight of fiberglass provides a more stable ride.

How fast does a jon boat go?

12-foot jon boats have an average weight capacity of 420 pounds and an average maximum horsepower of about 5 to 7 HP, however, some models allow up to 10 HP. A 5 HP motor is expected to have a top speed of 10mph. 7 HP could have 15mph or more. This speed is great when riding in slower moving rivers and streams.

How much does a 10 ft aluminum boat cost?

10 ft aluminum drift boat – $375 (lodi) Just out of storage but in good condition for fishing, lake camping, etc. Size/weight good for hauling in back of pick-up. Price includes beautiful wood oars and 2 life jackets. Other fishing gear available including fly-tying supplies.

Are there any aluminum fishing boats for sale?

These boats are built by a wide variety of boat building companies with hull types including modified vee, deep vee, flat, pontoon and other designs. Boat Trader currently has 2,126 aluminum fishing boats for sale, including 1,633 new vessels and 493 used boats, listed by both individuals and professional boat and yacht dealers across the country.

How many people can a aluminum fishing boat hold?

Aluminum Fishing boats are also popular boats for rivers and lakes and other shallow fresh bodies of water. From our current listings, the average number of passengers that aluminum fishing boats can hold onboard is 5 people with a maximum of 12.

What kind of boats are used for fishing?

Aluminum Fishing boats are popular for their shallow draft and average beam, characteristics that make these boats a favorite for freshwater and saltwater fishing. Aluminum Fishing boats are also popular boats for rivers and lakes and other shallow fresh bodies of water.

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