How much HP can a Whipple supercharger handle?

How much HP can a Whipple supercharger handle?

These numbers are quite impressive, but the team plans to install a Whipple supercharger. They estimate that it could produce up to 1,500 horsepower.

How much is a 4.5 Whipple supercharger?

Current Price: $13,500 Add a set of Custom Valve Covers to complete the look of your engine!

How much horsepower does a supercharged LSX have?

Edelbrock part #46750 Supercharged LS 416 crate engine produces an astounding 720 horsepower and 695 ft-lbs. of torque. The foundation of this engine is a brand new, aluminum LS3 block with a forged and balanced Manley crankshaft, forged Manley H-Beam connecting rods and Manley forged aluminum pistons.

How much horsepower does a LSX 376 have?

For builders who want to stretch the performance of a turbocharged or supercharged combination, Chevrolet Performance’s LSX376-B15 is the foundation they need! Its durable, all-forged rotating assembly supports up to 15 pounds of boost. Our ratings of 473 hp and 444 lb. -ft.

How much HP can a LSX 376 handle?

The new LSX376-B15 crate engine features a durable, all-forged rotating assembly that supports engines making up to 15 pounds of boost – or up to about 1,000 horses.

Is Whipple a twin screw supercharger?

Whipple quickly adapted their unique “twin-screw” supercharger to his own personal 1988 Chevrolet Silverado. By this time, the screw compressor had become commonly known as the “Whipple Charger” and quickly became a must have item for performance enthusiasts.

Is a LSX supercharged?

Putting the pressure on the LSX block is a new Eaton-built supercharger from Australia’s Harrop Engineering. As Roots-type blowers go, it’s a monster, displacing 2,300 cc (the same as the one on the LS9) and capable of more than 20 pounds of boost.

Is there a 4.5L Whipple race engine?

Quoting one article: “The crew over at Borowski Race Engines have been building insanely powerful and reliable race, street, and marine engines since 1968, and aren’t stopping anytime soon.” Good news! Since Engine Labs featured one of our 4.0L Whipple LS builds, Whipple has since introduced a 4.5L version and yes, size matters.

Why is the Whipple 4.5L supercharger so important?

Why the Whipple 4.5L Supercharger? – The 4.5 liter supercharger fits under most cowled hoods without modifications. – Their integral intercooler is very effective at maintaining a low manifold air temperature allowing engine designs with higher compression ratios, more timing or both.

How many horsepower does a Whipple pump gas cruiser have?

Watch the video below as this beast puts out 1,275 hp at the crank on pump gas with peak torque of 1,100 lb-ft around 5,550 rpm. This opens in a new window. 4.5L Whipple LS Pump Gas Dyno from Borowski Race Enterprises on Vimeo.


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