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How much does motorcycle tank repair cost?

How much does motorcycle tank repair cost?

They may have some special tools that can help get the dents out without needing to repaint the tank, but those methods usually aren’t 100% and there will still be some scratches and warps. The cost for a new motorcycle gas tank is usually around $150 -$200.

Can you Bondo a motorcycle gas tank?

Introduction: Repair a Motorcycle Gas Tank Dent or Ding With Bondo Filler. Fixing a dent on a motorcycle gas tank is as easy. Bondo can go over the top of paint or primer and will hold, but on bare metal is best.

Can you repair a gas tank?

Although it may seem alarming, most tanks can be repaired with minimal effort. Before you are able to make repairs, access the tank, find the source of the leak, and then clean the area around it. For a simple but efficient fix, cover the leak with epoxy putty.

How much does it cost to repair a gas tank on a motorcycle?

Ultimately, this saves you from having to replace and/or repaint your gas tank and is only $199. If your tank has a liner, and it’s not a late model Harley or Beemer, it’s likely aftermarket.

How long does it take to get a dent out of a gas tank?

Slowly your dent is removed without harming your factory or custom finish. Depending on the tank itself, the dent removal process can take between 1-4 hours. If we are picking up or you are shipping your gas tank to us, please allow 2-3 days for the dent removal process based on the repairs scheduled ahead.

Can a steel gas tank liner be removed?

Gas Tank Lining – Includes our proprietary cleaning and lining. Painted tanks receive additional attention, protection, and detailing, while unpainted tanks do not. Liner Removal – If needed, the cost is in addition to the lining, and applies to steel tank only. . See below for details.

What kind of gas tank does a Harley Davidson have?

Standard Tanks – Any steel OEM gas tank in sound condition with the exception of Split, Oversized, or Specialty tanks listed below. Split and Oversized Tanks – OEM Split Tanks: pre-1999 Harley-Davidson and Indians.


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