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How much does a Belted Galloway cow cost?

How much does a Belted Galloway cow cost?

Price depends on the age and quality of the animal and ranges from $500 to $1400. Discounts available for purchase of 4 or more. Belted Galloway cattle are hardy, cold-tolerant, docile, beautiful, and great-tasting cattle.

How long does a Belted Galloway live?

17-20 years
The cows are long living (17-20 years), regular breeders noted for the amount of rich milk they produce, therefore rearing a good calf.

How do I register Belted Galloway?

The Application for Registration is available on beltie.org or on clrc.ca. Online registrations are available on clrc.ca after an online account is established. The animal name is limited to 35 characters. Animals are required to be tattooed before registration.

Where are Belted Galloway cows from?

Belted Galloway/Origin

How much do miniature galloways weigh?

The measurement is taken at the hip. At 12 months Miniature Galloway females must not be over 107.5 cm and 112.5 cm for males. The registration requirements can differ depending on where you register them. Full-grown, full blood cows tend to weigh between 350 – 650kg.

Are Belted Galloway docile?

Galloways are friendly, docile cattle. Even bulls are noted for their calm demeanor. Cows are milky, maternal and long-lived, with a well-deserved reputation for getting in calf every year.

Where are the Galloway breeders located in Australia?

The Australian Galloway Association Inc represent Galloway and Belted Galloway breeders around Australia with members in ACT, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

Where can I find mini Belted Galloways in NSW?

Killure Miniature Belted Galloway Stud is located 8km from Armidale in the NSW Northern Tablelands. The owners of the Stud, Lindsay and Sally Mulligan, are committed to breeding quality miniature black belted Galloways (Mini Belties). Killure Mini Belties are all fullblood and registered with the Australian Galloway Association (AGA).

When was the Australian Belted Galloway Association established?

Established in 1975, the Australian Belted Galloway Association (ABGA) is the largest and oldest continuing herd book for Belted Galloway beef cattle in Australia. The ABGA is chartered to promote and encourage the breeding of Belted Galloways, and to ensure that the purity of the breed is maintained.

What makes a Belted Galloway a good breed?

With colourings of black, dun and red, the distinctive white belt is a prominant feature of the Belted Galloway breed. The adaptability and fertility, coupled with a long life span makes the Belted Galloway an excellent choice for your farming operation. There is no breed more distinctive!


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