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How many wards are in Dagoretti North?

How many wards are in Dagoretti North?

Dagoretti North Constituency is one of 17 electoral constituency of Nairobi County….Wards.

Ward Population Area (km2)
Kileleshwa 27,202 9
Kabiro 33,707 1.2

Which constituency is dagoretti?

Dagoretti South Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of seventeen constituencies of Nairobi County. It is located to the west of Nairobi. The entire constituency is located within Nairobi County….Dagoretti South Constituency.

Dagoretti South
Party Jubilee Party of Kenya
MP Dennis John Kiarie (KJ)

Is kawangware in Dagoretti North or South?

Kawangware. Kawangware County assembly ward is one of the electoral Wards representing Dagoretti North constituency in Nairobi County.

Which sub county is Lavington in?

Lavington is a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya. It is a high-income residential estate located northwest of the city centre. Lavington belongs to the Westlands administrative division of Nairobi.

Who built a fort in dagoretti?

Sir Mackinnon had been trading in India and the east coast of Africa for more than 30 years and had invested heavily in the region therefore was ideally suited to the task. The company established a series of forts at Kibwezi, Machakos and Dagoretti, which were to form the basis for colonial administration in Kenya.

Which district is Kileleshwa?

The district Kileleshwa of Nairobi in Nairobi is a district in Kenya and is a district of the nations capital.

How many wards are there in Nairobi?

Nairobi County has the highest number of constituencies in the country at seventeen (17) which are further divided into 85 electoral wards.

Which sub county is kawangware?

Dagoretti Sub-County
Examining the Status of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in Primary Schools of Kawangware Slums in Dagoretti Sub-County, Nairobi County, Kenya.

Is dagoretti a slum?

Dagoretti Market is a small but densely populated slum area in Nairobi West Division, on the outskirts of the city. Most of the residents of the area are people who do not own land or property, many of them without Primary Education.

What is the population of dagoretti?

about 250,000 people
Dagorreti Constituency is one of the electoral constituencies of Nairobi Province in Kenya. It is in the western suburbs of Nairobi. . The constituency has an area of 39 kmĀ². It has a total population of about 250,000 people and about 5 informal settlements.

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