How many Uiviewcontrollers can a single UINavigationController hold?

How many Uiviewcontrollers can a single UINavigationController hold?

The navigation stack isn’t limited any more to 4 view controllers.

What is a UINavigationController?

A UINavigationController is a view controller subclass that makes navigation between multiple view controllers easier. As you can see, the UINavigationController provides a lot of convenient functionality for navigating back and forth between multiple view controllers.

What is rootViewController Swift?

The root view controller provides the content view of the window. Assigning a view controller to this property (either programmatically or using Interface Builder) installs the view controller’s view as the content view of the window.

Which is the super class of all view controller objects?

UIViewController class
The UIViewController class defines the shared behavior that is common to all view controllers. You rarely create instances of the UIViewController class directly. Instead, you subclass UIViewController and add the methods and properties needed to manage the view controller’s view hierarchy.

What is Rootviewcontroller Swift?

How do I present a view controller?

To present ViewController which works with XIB file you can use the following example:

  1. // Register Nib.
  2. let newViewController = NewViewController(nibName: “NewViewController”, bundle: nil)
  3. // Present View “Modally”
  4. self. present(newViewController, animated: true, completion: nil)

How do I get previous ViewController in Swift?

You can get the previous viewController like following code, NSLog(@”%@”,[self. navigationController. viewControllers objectAtIndex:self.

How do I get rootViewController of UINavigationController?

How to Get the Root View Controller of a Navigation Controller

  1. // Push View Controller Onto Navigation Stack navigationController.
  2. import UIKit extension UINavigationController { var rootViewController: UIViewController?
  3. import UIKit extension UINavigationController { var rootViewController: UIViewController?

When does the rootviewcontroller revert to registerview controller?

Still, the change in the view hierarchy is not permanent. As soon as the app is terminated by iOS due to memory pressure, the next time the user launches the app, the rootViewControllerwill revert to RegisterViewControlleras if it was launched for the first time. This is where state preservation and restoration feature comes in.

What does the rootviewcontroller do in UIWindow?

The RootViewControllerhad its Container View as a subview rather than being the view. Though technically is allowed, in this case it is not a requirement. The RootViewController.viewDidLayoutSubviews()used to call self.transition(from:to:)which in certain layouts it leads to an unwanted animation.

Is there a root Button in the mainviewcontroller?

Notice how there is no use casewhere the user can navigate back to registration. There is no “Back” or “Dismiss” button in the MainViewControllerthat can act as the root.

How to restore the ancestoruiviewcontroller in Xcode?

One thing to keep in mind is that every ancestorUIViewController, including the one whose state you want preserved and restored must haveits restorationIdentifierset. The simplest way to test preservation and restoration is via Xcode. Launch the app, navigate to the view controller with a restorationIdentifierto preserve.

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