How many railway stations are there in Guntur?

How many railway stations are there in Guntur?

A) There are a total of 69 stations in Guntur district.

How many platforms are there in Guntur?

New Guntur railway station
Operated by South Coast Railway zone
Line(s) Guntur–Krishna Canal section Guntur–Tenali section
Platforms 1
Tracks 5

Are trains running in Guntur?

There are 43 weekly trains running from Guntur Jn. There are 5 trains originating , 35 trains passing and 3 trains terminating at Guntur Jn Railway station. The first train originating/passing from Guntur Jn departs at 00:15.

What is the difference between Guntur and New Guntur?

Travel time refers to the time taken if the distance is covered by a car….

Origin Guntur, Railpet, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Destination New Guntur Railway Station, Nehru Nagar, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Driving Distance 3 kms or 1.9 miles or 1.6 nautical miles
Driving Time 3 minutes

How many platforms are there in New Guntur railway station?

seven platforms
Structure and amenities Guntur railway station has seven platforms and two entrances, namely the East and the West.

Are trains running from Bangalore to Guntur?

There are 4 weekly trains and 2 daily trains that run from Bangalore to Guntur Jn , covering the shortest distance of about 479 km by KONDAVEEDU EXP(17212).

What is the special in Guntur?

Guntur is known for its chilli, cotton and tobacco exports and has the largest chilli market yard in Asia. The city region is surrounded by many ancient temples and sites that include Kondavidu, Amararama, Caves, Pedakakani.

How many trains stop at Guntur railway station?

Guntur Junction station is the terminal station for 34 trains. List of all trains passing through Guntur Railway Station with arrival & departure time of trains. 76 express trains, 14 MEMU trains & 12 passenger trains stop at Guntur station.

Which is the station code of Guntur Jn?

Station code of Guntur Jn is GNT. Here are some trains that are passing through Guntur Jn railway station like Sc Kyq Spl, Ghy-sc Hsp, Hyderabad Exp, Chennai Exp, Falaknuma Exp, Falaknuma Exp, Gnt Sc Exp, and many more.

Which is the best train from Guntur to Secunderabad?

Popular trains stopping at Guntur railway station are Secunderabad Agartala Special Fare Summer Special (07030), Agartala Secunderabad Special Fare Summer Special (07029), Secunderabad Guwahati Special Fare Special (02513). Get full list of trains → Following are the nearest airports to Guntur and Guntur Junction Railway Station.

Which is the train from Guntur to Vijayawada?

No: Train Name Arr. 77223 Repalle Guntur DEMU 11:00 17244 Rayagada Guntur Express 05:55 07240 Simhadri Express Special 15:20 67224 Vijayawada Guntur Memu 16:40

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