How many movies are there of Stalked by My Doctor?

How many movies are there of Stalked by My Doctor?

three movies
The series of lifetime, straight to TV, movies known as Stalked By My Doctor have been critically acclaimed as some of the best movies of all time. As of right now there are only three movies in the series, and I personally see this as a problem in itself.

What order do I watch Stalked by My Doctor?


  • 1.1 Stalked By My Doctor.
  • 1.2 Stalked By My Doctor: The Return.
  • 1.3 Stalked By My Doctor: Patient’s Revenge.
  • 1.4 Stalked By My Doctor: A Sleepwalker’s Nightmare.
  • 1.5 Just What the Doctor Ordered.

Is there a sequel to Stalked by My Doctor?

For a year after its’ release, Stalked by My Doctor received a sequel that had Eric Roberts returning to his role as deranged hebephiliac Dr. Albert Beck.

What channel is Stalked by My Doctor?

Stalked by My Doctor | Lifetime.

Is the movie stalked by my doctor a true story?

Expect to have this movie keep you on the edge of your seats. One key true story that may have been the inspiration for the Lifetime movie Stalked By My Doctor was the case of Nishan Fernando, a heart surgeon who was accused of stalking a young woman who worked at the same hospital.

What happens in stalked by my doctor patient’s revenge?

After being found not guilty for his crimes, Dr. Albert Beck takes a teaching job at a university, where his blossoming relationship with a student is threatened when one of his previous victims begins a campaign of terror against him. After being found not guilty for his crimes, Dr.

Is the movie Stalked by My Doctor a true story?

What happens in Stalked by My Doctor patient’s revenge?

Is stalked by my doctor on Netflix?

Sorry, Stalked by My Doctor is not available on American Netflix.

What is stalked by my doctor rated?

Stalked by My Doctor/MPAA rating

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