How many Litres is a Raider 150 tank?

How many Litres is a Raider 150 tank?

Technical Specifications

Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)
4.9 L 4 L
62.0 mm x 48.8 mm 62 mm x 48.8 mm
Compression Ratio
10.2:1 11.5:1

Is the Suzuki Raider 150 fuel injected?

The Pinnacle of Hyper Underbones – the Raider R150 Fuel Injection is equipped with the technology and benefits of Suzuki Fuel Injection system with sporty styling and improved body & engine components placing itself above the competition.

How much is a Raider 150 carb?

The Raider R150 is priced at ₱97,900 .

What is the size of carburetor of Raider 150?

The stock Raider 150 carburetor is 26mm. 5.

What is the stock bore of Raider 150?

62.0 mm ×

Year 2003–present 2016–present
Engine & transmission
Bore × stroke 62.0 mm × 48.8 mm (2.44 in × 1.92 in)
Compression rato 10.2:1 11.5:1
Cooling system Oil-cooled Liquid-cooled

What kind of power does Raider R150 have?

The Raider R150 Fi is considered as Suzuki’s premium motorcycle in the small bike category because it is the most powerful and fuel efficient 150cc underbone motorcycle in the country promising a maximum power output of 18.36HP/10,000RPM and torque of 13.8NM/8,500RPM in a lightweight and sleek styling.

What’s the price of a Suzuki Raider R150?

The Raider R150 Fi is priced at Php 109,900 and is an addition to the Raider R150 breed giving freedom to the riders to choose the best Raider bike that is fitted for them – the Raider R150 carburetor for professional modification and the Raider R150 Fi for fuel injection.

What are the specs of a Suzuki Raider?

It also boasts of a key shutter, tubeless tire, wavy disc brakes and a mini storage space.

Is the Suzuki Raider available in the Philippines?

The people of Philippines love underbones, especially those that are unreasonably fast. The Suzuki Raider name, therefore, was well known in the Philippines since long back. After its launch here, it was soon followed by its arguably better fuel injected brother.

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