How many albums has Alesana released to date?

How many albums has Alesana released to date?

Alesana has collectively released three EPs and five full-length studio albums. The band gained a wide audience after their debut, On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax was released, featuring a musical style shifting between light and heavy sounds along with a wide influence ranging from pop punk, metal and even classic rock bands such as the Beatles.

Where did the band Alesana get their name?

Their band name is derived from street named Aliceanna Street, which was the street that vocalist/rhythm guitarist Shawn Milke and lead guitarist Patrick Thompson grew up on, in Baltimore.

Where does the band Alesana live in Baltimore?

Aliceanna St. is located in Fells Point, a neighborhood in Baltimore. Alesana was the first band to join Tragic Hero Records in 2005, and their three demo songs titled “Apology”, “Beautiful in Blue” and “Goodbye, Goodnight for Good” were featured on the compilation All The Tragedy Money Can Buy.

When did Alex Torres join Alesana band?

Former Greeley Estates guitarist Alex Torres joined Alesana in 2010, temporarily replacing Jake Cambell for 2 years until Campbell’s eventual return in 2012. In late February, Shawn Milke announced Alesana had started writing new material for their upcoming album.

Who are the members of the band Alesana?

Although the band’s members first began playing together in Baltimore, Maryland, Alesana officially formed in October 2004 in Raleigh, North Carolina and was founded by Shawn Milke, Patrick Thompson, Dennis Lee, Steven Tomany, and Daniel Magnuson.

When did Alesana confessions come out on Kindle?

In summer 2016, Alesana released a special edition of Confessions including two new tracks along with a novella, entitled Annabel, which inspired The Annabel Triology. The album is available on all digital outlets now and the novella is available for purchase on Amazon Kindle now.

When did Alesana release the Lost Chapters EP?

In 2017, Alesana began working on the ulitmate fan project which they called Origins. Filled with hours worth of behind the scenes and never before seen footage, demos, and a brand new EP The Lost Chapters, Origins was born as a visual history of the past thirteen years of the band. In early 2018, Alesana released The Lost Chapters EP digitally.

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