How long is bus from Medellin to Cartagena?

How long is bus from Medellin to Cartagena?

13 hrs 48 mins
Medellin to Cartagena Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 13 hrs 48 mins
Buses depart from : Medellin
Bus arrives in : Cartagena
Cheapest Bus : COP 140000
Earliest Bus : 06:30

How far is Cartagena from Medellin by plane?

389 miles
How to Get from Medellín to Cartagena. The distance between Medellín and Cartagena is 389 miles (636 km). The easiest way to make the trip is to fly, which takes about an hour.M

Are buses running in Colombia?

All Colombian towns and cities have buses routes traversing the most populated areas and journeys are cheap. Most buses run from first thing in the morning until about 10pm, with a frequent service (in the cities at least).

How long is the bus from Bogota to Cartagena?

21 hrs 18 mins
Bogota to Cartagena Bus Service

Avg. Bus Duration : 21 hrs 18 mins
Earliest Bus : 10:00
Last Bus : 22:30
Daily Bus Services : 10
Bus Companies : Expreso Brasilia, Copetran, Berlinas del Fonce

Is Cartagena expensive?

Cartagena is undoubtedly the current crown jewel of Colombian tourism, and as such is one of the most expensive locations in this amazing country.

What is the closest beach to Medellin Colombia?

Medellin Tourist says that Playa Bianca in Isla Baru is the best beach near Medellin. Although you have to take a 45-minute boat trip from Cartagena to Isla Baru, that is all part of the experience, and it will give you the chance to appreciate the beautiful coastline of Colombia.

Are busses safe in Colombia?

Overnight buses are perfectly safe—but don’t expect much leg room! Barring a few sketchy locales discussed below (none of which are serviced by reputable bus companies anyway) busing throughout Colombia is safe and easy—even for families!

How much is a bus ride in Colombia?

Local buses are the most common type of transportation in towns and cities. The fare is usually between 1,000-2,5000 COP ($0.30-0.80 USD). Uber (a ridesharing service) is way cheaper than taxis and you can pretty much get anywhere for around 16,463 COP ($5 USD).B

How much is bus from Bogota to Medellin?

Bogota to Medellin by bus For bus enthusiasts there are convenient bus routes to Medellin from Bogota, which is 290 miles away. The trip takes 12 hours drive. A bus ride will cost you 23 USD on average.

Is Cartagena safe?

Cartagena today is actually pretty safe – in fact, it’s one of the safer places in Colombia. There’s plenty of police officers on the street and the city is seeing improvements to the crime rate and general security. Most tourists who visit Cartagena have a trouble-free time.

Is Cartagena cheaper than Medellin?

Cost of Living Electricity costs compared to Medellín will typically be at least 60-70% higher in Cartagena due to the need for air-conditioning. Other costs like groceries, restaurants and other things tend to be at least 5-15 percent cheaper in Medellín in comparison to Cartagena.

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