How is empathy shown in TKAM?

How is empathy shown in TKAM?

The first character in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill A Mockingbird who demonstrates that empathy is at the heart of moral behavior is Atticus. Atticus also empathizes with Mrs. Dubose when her ferns get destroyed by Jem. Atticus tells Jem to empathize with her and do the moral thing, read to her, as she asked him to.

How is Mayella Ewell portrayed?

Mayella is a misled, immoral, motherless child who is beaten by her alcoholic father, Robert Ewell. Despite the sympathy one feels for Mayella Ewell, her sinful choices and decisions cause her to be portrayed as fraudulent, compulsive, and cowardly toward some of the most charitable citizens in Macomb County.

How does Scout show empathy for mayella?

Scout notices that Mayella is lonely when she hears her testimony because she realizes that Mayella lives an isolated existence. She is lonely and has no friends. However, she is also able to listen to Mayella’s sad tale and realize that Mayella is lonely, and feel like she is the loneliest person in the world.

Does Mayella Ewell deserve sympathy?

Despite her horrible act of falsely accusing Tom Robinson of rape, Mayella Ewell does deserve some compassion. Mayella has lost her mother and must act as housekeeper and parent to her siblings with little or no help.

Can we pity Mayella Ewell?

She accused an innocent man of rape, and persisted in the lie throughout the trial, thus committing perjury and sending him in effect to his death. So in a very real sense, she has Tom’s blood on her hands. But on the other hand, we can sympathize with Mayella, even as we condemn her actions.

Do you feel sorry for mayella?

It was Mayella who crossed a line, not Tom. During his cross-examination, Mr. Gilmer makes a huge victory when he traps Tom Robinson into saying he felt sorry for Mayella. By that point, everyone felt sorry for her.

Why does Dill become sick?

As was mentioned in the previous post, Dill becomes sick when he sees how Mr. Gilmer is disrespectfully speaking to Tom. When the two finally get outside of the courthouse, they sit down underneath a big oak tree, and Dill explains to Scout that Mr. Gilmer’s hateful attitude towards Tom Robinson made him sick.

What does Tom say about mayella?

Tom testified that Mayella called him in to help her, and then she tried to kiss him. Tom says that he tipped his hat to Mayella as he passed by her place, and last spring she had asked him to bust up a chiffarobe for her. She offered him a nickel, but he didn’t take it.

Why is dill so upset at the end of Chapter 19?

The sensitive Dill cries in the courtroom because Mr. Gilmer, the attorney for the prosecution, questions Tom in a such a cruel and devious manner that it clearly indicates his racial bias. When Tom Robinson is on the stand, Atticus asks him questions in the same manner in which he speaks to the Ewells or anyone else.

Why did mayella lie about the attack?

Truly, Mayella is guilty of trying to convict an innocent man. She lied in court to save her own reputation. She protected her father who actually did the beating.

Why does dill get so upset at Mr Gilmer?

The fact that Dill recognizes Mr. Gilmer’s unfair, prejudiced treatment towards Tom Robinson reveals his morally-upright, sensitive personality. Dill is offended that Mr. Gilmer is mistreating Atticus’s client and sympathizes with Tom, who is defenseless against Mr.

Why does Dill run away?

Dill has run away from home because his mother and new father did not pay enough attention to him. He took a train from Meridian to Maycomb Junction, fourteen miles away, and covered the remaining distance on foot and on the back of a cotton wagon. Jem goes down the hall and tells Atticus.

Why is dill unhappy at home?

Dill decides to run away because of this. For so long, Dill had wanted a real family. They treat him like he is a part of the family and don’t judge him because of his family life. Atticus is good to Dill and I think Dill looks to Atticus as a father figure.

What does Dill know about Boo Radley?

When Dill suggests that Boo Radley might have nowhere to “run off to,” he is making an inference based on evidence that has already been revealed about Radley’s life. The first and most obvious piece of evidence is that Radley behaves like a recluse; that is, he seems to be withdrawn from social contact.

What does Scout ask Dill about Boo Radley?

What question does Scout ask Dill about Boo Radley? What is Dill’s response? She asks his opinion on why Boo Radley has not run off, and Dill responds by saying that maybe he doesn’t have anywhere to run to.

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