How do you write a political science assignment?

How do you write a political science assignment?

Assignment Research for Political ScienceDefine your topic. It may seem obvious, but the first step is to make sure you understand the topic. Gather background information. Find Books. Find journal articles. Find information on the Internet. Evaluate your sources. Cite your sources. Write your assignment.

Who is the father of Indian political thought?

ListFieldPersonEpithetPoliticsB. R. AmbedkarFather of the Republic of India / Father of Modern IndiaPoliticsRaja Ram Mohan RoyFather of modern IndiaPoliticsPotti SreeramuluFather of Linguistic DemocracyEconomicsM.G.Ranade (Mahadev Govind Ranade)Father of Modern Economics23

Who is the father of Western political thought?

Plato was a philosopher in Classical Greece. He is considered the most pivotal figure in the development of Western philosophy. Plato’s entire work is believed to have survived intact for over 2,400 years.

What is the Western political thought?

Aristotle defined political science as “the study of the state”. Western political thought has served as a philosophical and ideological foundation for governments around the world, including the United States. We give you historical, social, and cultural context to relate to contemporary political society.

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