How do you use a power jockey wheel?

How do you use a power jockey wheel?

How To Use A Jockey Wheel

  1. Inspect the jockey wheel prior to use to ensure it is in good working order.
  2. Wind the handle to raise and lower the trailer on and off of the tow ball.
  3. Pull the handle to swivel the jockey wheel.
  4. Swivel the jockey wheel 90 degrees.
  5. Ensure the jockey wheel is locked into place to avoid damage.

What is an electric jockey wheel?

Electric Motorised Jockey Wheel for Caravans, Campers, Boats, & Trailers. The side handle lets you steer your trailer with ease while switching between forward and reverse movements. This jockey wheel also has an automatic braking function for safer manoeuvring.

What is a ratchet jockey wheel?

The AL-KO 10″ Power Mover makes light work of maneuvering your heavy trailer, caravan, camper trailer or boat around. The long lever handle then drives the ratchet which turns the wheel with ease and power, this in turn pulls or pushes your Trailer.

How do I know what size jockey wheel I need?

The 35mm, 42mm, 48mm, 48mm serrated, 60mm, and 63mm. So, for light weight trailers, a 35mm would be the best fit. For larger trailers and some unbraked boat trailers, you would require a 42mm. And heavy duty commercial trailers would normally require a 48mm serrated, 60, or 63mm diameter.

How do you wind a jockey wheel?

Manoeuvre the trailer so that the coupling head is directly above the vehicle tow ball. If the coupling head is too low, simply wind the jockey wheel counter-clockwise, using the top winding handle, so that the front of the trailer is raised and the coupling head can be directly above the tow ball.

Do jockey wheels wear out?

Unfortunately, most jockey wheels are made of plastic and can wear down, making your shifting less precise than it should be. You can tell when you’re jockey wheels need to be replaced by inspecting them first.

How do you release a jockey wheel?

Wind the jockey wheel down until it touches the floor and then continue to wind it to raise the coupling head at the front of the trailer. If the coupling head is attached to the tow ball you will have to release it from the ball.

What kind of jockey wheel does Ark ezimover use?

The Ezimover Jockey Wheel, with its 10-inch solid rubber wheel and its 2-tonne limit is a great bit of gear. With forward, reverse, neutral and a stop lock feature, the Ezimover Jockey Wheel uses a ratchet-style shifter lever to make moving your trailer as easy as possible.

Is the ezijock jockey wheel safe to use?

EZIJOCK is a hydraulic jockey wheel / stand that is extremely strong and very durable. Being hydraulic it takes very little effort to operate and fully complies with the European mandatory safety standards.

What kind of trailers can jockey wheels be used on?

Suitable trailers include Camping trailers, Motorcycle trailers, Gardening trailers and Small trailers for lighter boats and water craft. Our Medium Duty Jockey wheels are suitable for trailers upto 2700kg. Our recommendation is to not used on trailers with more than 2 axles.

Is it easy to move a jockey wheel?

If you muck around with the Jockey wheel height and take some weight off it, it may be easyer to moove. Re: Ezi-move Jockey Wheel? Get rid of that bloody useless solid rubber anchor and get ya self a pnuematic type wheel, the mates got one on his mechanics trailer which is about 2 or 3t and it has made the job of moving it a comparative breeze.

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