How do you treat tetracycline stains on teeth?

How do you treat tetracycline stains on teeth?

Depending on the severity of discoloration, there are several treatment options including vital and nonvital bleaching, micro abrasion, composite and porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns and sometimes a combination of them (2). The vital bleaching procedures cannot satisfactorily remove dark tetracycline staining.

Is tetracycline teeth staining reversible?

When staining occurs in adults, it may be fully reversible. That fact has been demonstrated in this case, where a 54-year-old woman suffered from brown-colored staining on her teeth after taking a 4-week tetracycline medication for blepharitis.

Can tetracycline damage teeth?

Tetracycline doesn’t only affect the color of teeth. Exposure to the antibiotic can also weaken tooth enamel, putting teeth at risk of decay (cavity). A cavity, or hole in the tooth, is permanent and requires a dental filling.

Can antibiotics discolor your teeth?

Medications. The antibiotics tetracycline and doxycycline are known to discolor teeth when given to children whose teeth are still developing (before age 8). Mouth rinses and washes containing chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride can also stain teeth.

Does tetracycline cause GREY teeth?

The tetracycline will oxidize once the teeth have had exposure to light. Then the discoloration will change from fluorescent yellow to nonfluorescent brown or grey. This discoloration process happens over a period of a few months to years.

Do antibiotics affect teeth color?

Superficial discolouration or staining of the teeth has been rarely reported in association with some antibiotics, particularly if an oral suspension is used. The discolouration can usually be removed by careful brushing or professional cleaning.

How do you fix discolored teeth?

Top 5 Ways to Fix Teeth Discoloration

  1. Reduce Consumption of Staining Foods.
  2. Get Regular Cleanings.
  3. Get a Professional Whitening Done.
  4. Veneers.
  5. Full Mouth Restoration or Smile Makeover.

Why is my tooth turning GREY?

Dental trauma is the most common cause of a grey tooth. Similar to your knee turning black and blue after a fall, your teeth can also become discolored following an injury. A tooth turning grey following an injury is a sign that the tooth is not receiving adequate blood flow.

Can oral antibiotics discolor teeth?

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